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i joined facebook in the summer of 2007. when i graduated from high school, most of my friends didn't have facebook yet. during that summer, i went to my college orientation and visitors' day and met several people who were just joining facebook, so i eventually made a profile as well. i liked it at first, because it let me keep in touch with the people i was going to be starting school with that fall.

after school actually began, it didn't take long for facebook to turn into drama central. all the online backstabbing and fights and bitchiness...who could even keep up with all of it?! it's only gotten worse with time. now it seems like everyone i know uses facebook to write nasty comments on each other's walls and photos, and to spread ugly rumors around. it's all so childish and such a waste of time.

lately i've been spending less time on facebook, because i don't want to get dragged into all of that crazy stuff. i feel better when i spend less time on there and more time on ep. this is an environment where i have true friends, can actually express myself in a positive way, and see others expressing themselves, and i actually feel good after i log off. i'll take ep over facebook any day, thanks!

runnagirrl runnagirrl
22-25, F
Feb 26, 2009