I Really Like Facebook

I spend way too much time on facebook, but I like EP better.  I have reconnected with some friends on facebook and I thought it would be great.  But it is like when you bump into someone you haven't seen for awhile.  Most of them just jot a note on your wall that says hi, and never even follow up a conversation with you.  It is very strange.   I am a friendly person and ep has stories and comments that bare my soul.  However if I were to ever post some of those things on FB, the people who know me in real life would all disappear and run for cover.  It seems more like a casual site for connecting with people, but not discussing many meaningful or important things.

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Yeah, I have reconnected with a few and we've exchanged numbers and I am grateful for that, but just the majority of my old school chums seem lifeless for whatever reason. I do like fb though and i have met some cool people on there.

well i have to say that i think i have the opposite happening to me on facebook............I've reconnected with sooo many people i hadn't talked to since high school, and we DO have long winded conversations.........we've all added old school pics that make us just laugh our guts out.......... it's been a delight to me............now don't get me wrong.......i'd be A LOST SHEEP WITHOUT Y'ALL!!!!!!!!<br />
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Yeah, I agree with you. I haven't changed much, love to go down memory lane or just even talk about what's going on in their lives now. Some of them live in the same town as me! I guess they have their own groups/cliques and no use for new or old friends. <br />
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However, I am amazed at how many loving supportive people i meet on ep who don't even know me and are so much supportive then people i know my entire life....go figure!

Sometimes the technology backfires... I found that if you're married you can point to you spouse, but they have to OK it. I'm separated and tried to point to the wife, she accepted and then backed out. Both changes triggered a message to all her friends as "x is no now married" then "x is now not married", then she changed it to something else, and then something else... It was actually funny! She wasn't laughing though, lolz

It's not just you, others I have talked to say the same. Yesterday, I wrote on someone's wall and they deleted the post like I wasn't worthy to talk to. Old friends that I have bumped into there don't even answer emails, yet the friends I met on facebook and know online only are very supportive, friendly and are great. I can't figure it out. <br />
I'm sorry to hear about your childhood friend, I'm not sure what to make of it, sometimes maybe people don't want to go back to the past, which is weird because that's what facebook is for reconnecting, the people who are in their lives presently I'm sure they have access to keep in regular contact with.

I thought it was just me that old acquaintances I'd find and write [somewhat] long emails to, only to receive short sentences or two back. I know my life may seem dull and all but damn! <br />
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One old childhood friend I spent years [over 15] searching for which I finally found via finding his sister by accident and have since sent four emails to has yet to reply... It's been heartbreaking but then again I don't know what is happening in his life either.

I agree and as much as family , friends etc. try to convince me have no use for facebook its just like myspace