At Least I Think I Do

Facebook and ExperienceProject, I think, are two totally different types of social networks.

I joined FB so I could keep in touch with my friends, who I know I would lose contact with. I think I got it around the summer when I graduated from high school. I'm not really one to talk on the phone much and sending emails is fine, but people change email addresses without  a warning. So FB was great for not losing my high school buddies.

Meanwhile EP is great for expressing myself and meeting new people who share my experiences. Here, I don't feel any pressure to not reveal my true feelings and thoughts, because a) I don't know anyone personally (yet :P ) and b) that's what we're supposed to do!

On FB not many of the people on my friend list know half of the experiences I added here. I'm not even sure how differently they'd view me if they knew.

I could never choose between EP and FB. They each have their purpose in my life, but EP just might be better for me.

MysticFae MysticFae
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2009

i agree completely--ep and facebook are two very different sites. i also joined facebook shortly after graduating high school, although i've found that site has caused way more cons than pros in my life. for me, ep is the place to be. :)<br />
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i'm glad they both work well for you. having two different places to express yourself is great!