That Good....

The following is a portion of an actual email to an online partner written about 12 hours after mind-blowing sex on a voice call on Yahoo Messenger.
We hardly ever email each other so this was special, and yes this is not the first time and part of an ongoing fuckathon. The remarkable part is the sympatico between us despite a vast difference in our ages. (Climb up a dozen feet so that your mind can be in the gutter. She's over 21)

Without further ado:

"When we ****, we are possessed, not by demons or angels, but by the sex itself. It swallows us whole and takes over control. It begins before we start, so that you are very wet before you feel me and you are drawing pre-*** from me.


The ******* is incredible. Your moans and whimpers and the sound of your body thrashing and bucking transforms me into an animal. Knowing the pleasure you derive from it, and with the animal predominant, it is easy to choke **** you, pull your hair and crack your ***. I don't desire quick ****** because I want to keep ******* and *******. I want to keep riding the roller coaster which is you as you *** continuously and flood my **** with your wetness. I want you to ride me like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby and unleash  your animal which makes the sub violently **** her Master.


 I think I want you every day. And one final thing. I know you are subconscious about talking but when we **** you occasionally talk, a few softly whimpered "Yes"es, more than a few clearly spoken "*****" and the occasional "Damn".I don't detect discomfort when this happens. You should be comfortable talking the whole time of sexual contact. You will not  be misunderstood because for the most part you won't need to speak while you talk independently. I want to hear what you want telling me to pound it or move faster. I want to achieve. the impossible  and make our last **** sound like child's play ."
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4 Responses Sep 20, 2012

That is truly erotic. Thank you for sharing.

No smart *** remark from me/ Thank you for thencompliment

Spoken by a master of the craft...

Yes when it happens there's nothing like it. Online can be very powerful indeed and the written word can go places that others can't reach ... it can be read and re-read and the experience re-lived over and over. Great stuff.

Ah, phone sex. Like the little girl with the curl, when it's good, it's very, very good. I'm glad for you, fella.