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My Girlfriend's Beach Fantasy

My girlfriend wrote me this story after fantasising about it for ages. She told me she came twice just writing. Hope you like it as much as I did and look forward to reading any comments. We head through the gate and look out at the beach, the sun hot on our backs. "You go ahead, I've gotta run back to the room," you say as you plant a teasing kiss on my lips. You hands pull my hips towards you and you finger the thin string that holds my bikini bottoms on. I cross the grass and step onto the sand - warm and soft under my feet. ABout half way down to where i decide to sit i realise that we've also forgotten the sunscreen. Spying the lifesavers's hut i make my way towards them. As i appear round the corner i seem to startle the lifeguards who are joking and looking causually through binoculars at the swimmers in the lapping waves. The sun shines strongly behind me and i see them looking through my white dress and eying my barely there bikini which draws attention to my breasts and *****. Cathching themselves they say good morning and make tedious comments about the weather. "Got any sunscreen?" i ask. They stand up and grab a bottle on a table inside the hut. I notice their strong, tanned bodies squeezed into their red and yellow t-shirts, their tight cossies bulging with ****. "Need some help putting it on?" the guy with the binoculars asks. "Please," i say, "If you could just rub it on my back," i reply. I lift my dress over my head and throw it on the sand beside me. I sweep my hair off my back and lean over, my elbows on the table. He stands close behind me and begins to massage the sunscreen slowly into my back. I feel the eyes of the 2nd lifesaver burning into us. He moves towards us, crouches down beside me and begins to rub sunscreen into my legs. His hands slide up and down the length of my legs, each time his fingers linger longer at the top of my legs. The guy behind me begins to move his hands down my side and runs over the swell of my breasts. I feel him step closer and the hardness of his **** between my arse is evident. Fingers slwly begin to caress the ourside of my WWs and by now i've lost track of whose hands are where. My ***** feels wet and is throbbing with the need for someone to touch me. The next moment i feel the string of my bikini being pulled to one side and a hot hardness rests against the entrance to my *****. I look down beside me and see the lifesaver's eyes fixated on my arse and the **** that sits at the entrance of my *****. His fingers slide up and run over my ***** lips, separating them easily, covering them in jiuce. I shudder with desire. A **** slides deep into me and i catch my breath. I look around, at first worried about who can see us, but as soon as a tongue starts to flicker on my **** all cares are gone. I push my hips back to fill myself with the **** of the guy behind me, then downwards to rub my **** over his face as he moves under me. Hearing my name brings be back to the present. I look up and see you standing before us. A smile crosses your face. Your **** is as hard as ever and bursts through the top of your trunks. The thrusting gets harder and the flicking tongue goes deeper until there is a loud series of grunts behind me. He withdraws and *** shoots from his **** and runs down my arse to my ***** lips. The guy underneath me pulls away. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, you step in to take his place. Your tongue expertly begins to flick at my ***** and i can barely control myself. Your mounth squelches against me and i begin to feel the familiar heights of an ******. You quickly stand up, move behind me, pull out your **** and drive it hard and deep into my arse. Together we groan in ecstacy...
flh88 flh88 31-35 1 Response Sep 4, 2010

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Do you think the ******** eating was part of the turn on for her?

Good question. I think it was more the idea of getting ****** and eaten at the same time.

Ah OK, that would do it! I think some women get off on the domination aspect of you eating their gooey ***** - I'm pretty sure my girl does! I've only eaten my own though

I would love to be made to eat her gooey *****!! Unfortunately my wife is not dominant or screw other guys.