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My Girlfriends Party Adventure

Here is a true story my girlfriend wrote for me. Pretty much all true!! Hope you like - feel free to leave us any comments.

The party had gone well and everyone was in high spirits. I had enjoyed some innocent flirtations but was particularly charmed by a tall, handsome guy I’d seen around before. He was attentive during the evening, ensuring I had a drink in my hand and a smile on my face. The revellers who lingered behind were invited back to the house, and it was decided we would all then stay there until morning.

After a few more drinks and some suggestive dancing, people began to retire to the living room, spreading out on couches and crashing on cushions. Bodies were sprawled all over the room when I decided to call it a night. I stepped carefully through the dark and wriggled into a small gap near the window. I pulled the blanket over me to cover my bare shoulders – the thin cotton strapless dress I wore to the party would have to work as makeshift PJ’s tonight. As I turned on my side and rested my head on a cushion, my eyes, which had now adjusted to the dark, caught the gaze of the person lying next to me. It was my charming friend who had entertained me all night – and it seemed the night wasn’t over. …

A glint in his eyes told me he had more entertaining in mind… he slid his body over so that I could feel the heat radiating from him. He lifted up my blanket and moved under it in one smooth motion. His body was right up against mine – I could feel his hot, hard **** throbbing against my stomach through the cotton of my dress.

His hands run over my shoulders and caress my breasts. He gently squeezes my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and a hungry moan escapes me. My hands glide over his rippled chest – every muscle hard and shaped to perfection. As my hand continues downward, desperate to touch his **** he unexpectedly slips his fingers straight into my *****, which opens up and lets him in easily. Another groan escapes from between my lips, this one louder than the last. A shuffle next to us leads me to believe we’ve been heard but I can’t stop now.

My hand grabs the base of his thick **** and I wrap my fingers around it. I milk it until I can feel juice on the tip which I then wipe which I then suck off my finger. His fingers move inside me much quicker now and my ***** juices squelching with the movement are audible now. I turn my head and see a pair of eyes gazing in our direction. I just smile and tilt my head back on the cushion with desire.

He rolls onto his back and puts his hands around my hips, encouraging me to straddle him. I lift my leg over his hips and slip so easily onto his ****. I lie down on top of him and shift my hips up and down, listening to the juices of my ***** suck his **** further into my *****. He raises his hips and thrusts his **** so deep into me that I almost *** in ecstasy. I turn my head to see if we still have an audience and notice that there is movement under the blanket. Yes, he’s still watching – and enjoying the show.

Suddenly he turns me over. He kisses me hard and licks me from my neck to the mound of my *****. He slips his fingers inside again and they get lost in my wetness. As soon as he separates my lips with his tongue I feel a flickering sensation on my ****. I raise my hips to meet his mouth and beg for him to move his tongue faster and deeper into my *****. I am suddenly thrown into convulsions as I *** – my muscles contracting tightly around his fingers. Without warning he slides his **** inside me to feel the tightness of my ***** squeezing his **** with each contraction and with one thrust he begins to groan. He pulls his **** out and his *** saturates me. I can feel it dripping between my legs, a tickling between my breasts as it trickles all over me. I turn my head and notice that our audience now has the blanket pulled back and he wanks his **** in full view. I turn my body towards him, crawl over and slip my mouth over his ****. He thrusts his hips so that I can feel his **** down the back of my throat. He jerks his hips away and I massage his **** until he **** all over my face. Without a word, I turn back to my bed, pull the blanket up and turn away….until morning…….

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Very exciting story! Does it happen like that in real life? If so I have certainly missed out.<br />
Thank you for the posting.

wow hot story!