Daydream 2 (continued)

This is a continuation of Daydream 2...when last we left you had just forced me to wet myself by tying me down and
torturing me and have now started to play with my *****...

OMG I gasp as your fingers begin to work between my legs again making me writhe and moan. Your ***** must be extra
sensitive now isn't it, you ask your fingers deftly stroking my labia and my ****. Yes I say breathlessly. I thought so
you say with a mischevious grin, I'll be right back you say walking out of the bedroom. You return within a few moments
a popsicle and a packet of pop rocks in your hand and a mischevious glint in your eye. I raise my eyebrows in question
knowing you have something planned. You'll see you say quietly as you lower yourself over me and lean in to kiss me softly.
It is because of this minor distraction that i didn't notice you slip the popsicle out of it's wrapper, so it is a
complete surprise when I feel the icy coldness against the hot skin at the hollow of my throat. OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! I moan
at the sudden coldness. You grin wickedly as you move the popsicle down my chest and across my nipples making them
instantly erect. OOOO...mmmmm!!!!!! I moan in pleasure. Someone likes this don't they? you ask a smile playing across your
lips. Y-yess I say breathlessly as you continue to trace the popsicle along my body all the way down til you reach the
hot, moist valley between my legs. I wonder you say as you slowly move the popsicle down to my hot aching *****. OOOOOO!!!!
I moan loudly as you slip the popsicle into my *****. As i continue to moan and writhe you begin to move the popsicle in
and out of my *****, after a while of this you place a handful of pop rocks in your mouth and begin to eat me out. OOO...
OMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I moan and writhe wildly as the intense sensations course through my entire body. Just
as I am about to *** you stop and slide your rock hard **** into my throbbing *****. UH! I moan as you slide into me
moaning louder and louder as you **** me harder and harder. You continue to **** me harder and harder until I scream
your name as I ****** coming harder than I ever have before, this causes you to ***. That was great! I say as I get up and
head for the shower. Yes it was you agree following me.
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that's kinda the idea h3adbang3r14 lmfao

u sure u want me to kno this i will use it against u in the bed room

thanx boylutaw



For being tired, you did a great job lol.

i know it's not as good as alot of my stuff but i was tired as **** when i wrote it lol