Neck Worship

Hi, as there are a lot of ladies who like their neck touched I thought I'd have a go at writing a little story...

Coming up behind you i take your hands and our finger close together. As I'm Butterfly kissing along your shoulder, your head falls back. I reach your neck and with gentle nibbles i work my way to your ear.

I suck on the ear-lobe and drag my teeth softly over the tender skin. 

"I want you so much" I whisper, my hot breath teasing the  ear-lobe. Your fingers squeeze mine to aknowledge the feelings mutual.


I start to draw circles along your hair line with the tip of my tongue. Causing your breathing to get shorter and heavier. My tongue travels up and down your slender neck, until i get to the bare shoulder. where i start to bite gently along the shoulder and up the neck.


You put your hands on your stomach to pull me tighter, your body quivering as i devour your neck with my hungry mouth. You sigh with pleasure as my tongue traces the outer of your ear.


I release my hand from your grip and stroke your exposed throat. slowly, softly and tenderly with my finger tips. Along your jawline down your neck, back up your neck to your slightly parted lips. where my fingertips stroke them causing them to tingle.


Your soft moans fill the air as i make love to your neck with my mouth. sucking, biting and licking the sensitive skin. i can feel you trembling as my mouth and fingers find new ways to tease and please your neck.


Dragging my finger nails down the side of your neck as I turn your head to kiss you. our mouths meet and i suck your lip into my mouth and bite it gently.  you turn to face me and running your fingers through my hair you pull my mouth tight to yours.


I pick you up, still kissing passionately and...............
tomario tomario
46-50, M
3 Responses Oct 10, 2011

And i could also feel you doing that to me so sexy very nice would be nice to have it happen to me

wow that is some amazing writing i love the detail i could swear i could almost feel it happening as i read it...hope u will write more...P.S. I melt when some kisses and nibbles my neck and breathes in my ear

WOW-ZA! You are quite the writer. I have to admit, I do enjoy having my neck kissed on...Good vizzy.