Office Party

So while out of town this last week I made it to my head office. Had a lot fun got drunk flirted mercilessly and danced my *** off. Showing my age too, as I actually injured my knee dancing. I had the chance to bump and grind with a few girls that were around having shots. By the end of the night a friend and I took a nice hot brunette back to my room. I thought we were both going to get some action with her, but we decided, meh better not. She was way too drunk and that just wouldn't have been cool to take advantage. So buddy went to his room later, she stayed in mine. Some time later I'm up and she's trying t get undressed, and having a hard time, so I oblige in a helping hand. Grab my hotel bathrobe and help her in. Meanwhile I'm treated to a stunning body. Very hot, smallish breasts and nice pert nipples. I've only got underwear on at this point. I get her back to bed and I cozy in next to her. I wake up early in the am she's next to me, we're spooning. Her robe's open and I have my hand holding her soft midriff. I'm starting to wake up a little more and I have a serious hard on. I work my hand up to her breast and get a nice welcoming soft moan. Also have her robe pulled up from behind and now cupping and fondling her *** all the while grinding my **** into her. My hand works it's way down to the folds of her very tight and hot vagina. She gives me a welcoming sign of spreading her legs open and I'm rewarded with a nice wet *****. I take a nipple into my mouth to feel it harden against my tongue and teeth, and a little whimper escapes her mouth. Moving between her legs she pulls off my boxer briefs and guides me into her wetness. It's so hot and her opening is nice and slick with my precum. I start going in nice and slow but deep, her legs are spread wide for me, and I love watching her little **** shake every time I push into her. Going harder now I grab her legs to hold them above her so I can get in deep as I can. Pushing in faster still she's moaning loud and I feel I'm getting close. I turn her over and push in deep from behind. The feeling of her *** against me is amazing, and I'm ready to ***. She tells me she wants it in her *****. Which sends me over the edge and I *** in her with her screaming for it. As I was pulling pulling, there was so much it was dribbling out and down between her lips. She used one hand to pull some *** up to her **** and rub it moaning softly. Moral of the story. Nice guys don't always finish last. She was nice and sober and happy when we left the hotel.
Finn1960 Finn1960
36-40, M
Dec 11, 2011