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The Moment… Pt 2

The moment… Pt 2

Note: This is a continuation of “The Moment,” an ongoing story written as a personal message to my EP friend Ravensplight. I have decided to share it with you all. Enjoy!

Pushing me onto my back, your hands on my chest curl into claws and you rake your nails along my sides. Your long hair tickles my body as your lips kiss their way down my chest, my stomach. The contrast between the feeling of your nails, lips, and hair drives me wild. You then kiss your way in a circle around my throbbing ****, teasing it with your hair. I can barely stand it and gram handfuls of the sheets as my back arches involuntarily. You look up at me and grin, then your tongue dances down to catch the drop of precum which has formed at my tip. Your eyes are fixed on mine as your lips form an “O” and descend around my now purple head.

The pleasure is exquisite as you work your way down… down… until I am lodged deeply in your throat. Then, your nails find my balls as you work your way back up again, twisting your head back and forth as you do.

“ARGH!!” I groan, as you giggle. Sitting upright, your breasts are mesmerizing. You lean down a bit now, and tease me with them, dangling first one swollen nipple, then the other just out of reach of my tongue. But this was to distract me as you have now straddled my body and are lowering your hot, dripping ***** towards my pulsing tool.

I can feel your heat radiating as you stop, poised mere millimeters above me, grinning evilly. Then you plunge down hard, taking all of me inside you in one motion. We both groan in unison as we are joined together by our most sensitive parts. My hands find your hips as you begin to rock, ever so gently. You can feel my heart rate quicken by the pulsing within you. You rock, still slowly, allowing more of me to escape before being taken back in. The fullness you have longed for all day is now a reality. Our mingled juices make our slippery conjunction that much more pleasurable. My hands have found your breasts, caressing and kneading them. Rolling first one nipple,, then the other, between thumb and forefinger elicits a shriek of delight from your sensuous lips.

Now you are riding with more urgency. No longer rocking, but bouncing up and down hard. The slap of our bodies together is incredible erotic. I thrust up to meet your movements, but you need more.

“**** me!” you shout, and I am happy to oblige. I draw you to me, our mouths together, and tongues dancing for a moment as I roll you onto your back. Now, as I look down into your lust filled eyes, I work to meet your need. I begin to pound you in earnest. Your ankles lock behind me as you try to draw me even deeper. My hands on the bed support my upper body as I watch your face contort in pleasure. I shift my angle a bit and am rewarded as you squeak in delight. Now your eyes are closed, and it is your turn to grab the sheets as you hold on tight. The relentless pounding inside you is carrying you to the edge. The noises you are making merge into an almost continuous scream, encouraging me to continue.

A flood of additional juices enhance our union as sensations explode throughout your body. I can feel you spasm around my ****, as it continues to thrust deeply into you. Your whole body begins to shake, and the animalistic sound you release is pure elation. You ride the wave of orgasmic delight, spurred on my ceaseless stimulation within you. Your entire being is defined by pleasure.

And as the shaking begins to ebb, I slow my thrusting only long enough to hook my arms under your legs and draw them up to my shoulders. Immediately, the assault on your overstimulated **** is resumed, this time even more deeply. Your waning ****** is overwhelmed by an even more powerful one, starting deep in your soul and enveloping everything in its path. Your vision blurs, and then begins to fade as the power of pleasure overcomes you.

For an undetermined time, you are carried, floating in bliss. You don’t want it to stop. So good… But the intensity begins to fade. You regain some sense of the world around you. The cool dampness of the sheets beneath you… The closeness of someone beside you… The feeling of fingers brushing your hair from your face…

You open your eyes and turn to see me, once again beside you.

“Mmmm…” is all that you can say.

“Mmmmm…” I echo.

We embrace and hold each other for several minutes until you notice something persistent pressing between us. Your eyes are wide as realization dawns on you.

“You haven’t *** yet!” you stammer in excited awe…
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