Fun With Ep, And Wife:

Fun With EP, and Wife:   So while having some very stimulating hot talk with a hot lady on line who was a new EP friend and with the topic being what she would like to do to my wife in walks none other than she, the topic of conversation.  She had a few drinks in her which makes her horny so when she walked over to me she got on her knees and wanted to pull my my **** out right away.  In the meantime I'm still chatting with new sexy friend and my **** has copious amounts of pre-*** for my wife between my knees!    The chat goes on for a bit by where I have my wife topless so she can have her large breasts between my legs on the couch, and rubbing against my balls.  I then instruct her to take off her pants, but keep her wet panties on.  At this point I inform my sexy EP fiend  that after I sign-off  from my last message I'm going to pull up my wife by her nipples from her fantastic wet sucking job, and take her downstairs. After pulling her panties down in the living room we proceed to our bedroom where I pushed her legs up once we got on the bed so I could lick her slit, and *** alternating between the two.  She loves the feeling of a tongue on her ***, and moans her approval every time.  Then I move up on her and straddle her chest so my **** is over her mouth and she has no choice but to take it in, (eagerly I must say), she loves sucking ****. I start to thrust  into her mouth and she accepts it with a moan. At the same time I'm leaning back, and playing with her **** with my arm behind me to keep her extra wet.  My thumb running over it as it gets nice and hard.  Then she begs me to be in her *****. I made her ask me a few more times before I comply.   I push in very easily all the way to my balls she is so wet.  I hold her legs wide apart to go in as deep as possible while thrusting.  After pumping into her wet ***** and having it leak down to her *** I pull out flip her over and put a finger in her ***** to get it nice and wet for me to insert it into her *** in preparation for me to enter. I put my head at her opening and push just the head of my **** in to start. I keep only pushing in with only my cockhead for a while until she asks for the rest. I use my spit on the rest of my **** then push it deep into her ***. That's when she comes really hard. Her *** is so ******* tight. I love just stopping at my cockhead then pushing all the way in. She begs me to *** in her *** as I pull back and push in hard, after her request for my *** I have a huge release with my **** pulsing hot *** into her. She loves this feeling as I collapse on her back with me still inside her.  After She rolls over and I take some of the *** from my **** still leaking and rub it onto her ****, then we take out her new little vibe and give her another ****** with *** all over my and her fingers.
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VERY hot...