Total Turn On

Erotic stories are a MAJOR turn on. Sometimes they are better than actual ****. I love the ones who get into major detail. I love Penthouse letters....though I don't read them very often anymore.
RubyLane RubyLane
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2012

If you like erotic stories get a book called linda's strange's not for the faint hearted though,this makes 50 shades of grey look ****.

I too enjoy writing, or reading a good erotic story. I am particularly interested, as you have stated, in the details and most importantly the build up and anticipation leading up to the action of a good story. Unfortunately I have read too many stories that rush excitedly into the action leaving nothing on the tongue to tempt and entice you into reading more. To me these are the best written and most deliciously devoured pieces. (:

Have you posted any here? I would love to read them. Check my story out and give me feedback. I want to post more.