Spooning With My You...

As so often my mind drifts away, remembering, reminiscing the moments spent with you.
Forever imprinted in me, the time we spent, and I long to spend even more with you.

After the nights preparations, we get to bed, I have always loved snuggle with you, come close, behind, wrap my arms around you as you curl up to me.

Laying to bed, spooning, we couldn't seem to fall asleep.
My mind wouldn't relax, and my body, though comfortable, wouldn't really let go. You know how that happens sometimes.
Being in this bed with you, after all our exchanges seem to make my mind race with desire.
I can feel you breathing slowly, your body is warm...I love it.
As always I have taken off my t-shirt so I can feel your skin again mine, I have taken off my boxer too. I love feeling my manhood resting against your back, just sliding between your legs.

My arms under your arm pits, I pull you a little towards me,
so I can hold your breast in my hands. My face burried in your neck,
at the base of your neck, breathing, kissing you.
Nibbling the soft skin of your neck, the lobes of your ear.

Our bodies know each other so well !

Your desire speaks to mine, my love speaks to yours.

Slowly caressing your breast, I feel the bulbs of your aureola hardening more and more, showing me you enjoy what I am doing to you.
With the palm of my hand, I caress the base of your breast, then start move up the nipples, pushing my hips to you at the same time.
Kissing you harder in the neck.

I can hardly control my urge to bite your neck more, roll your fingers between my fingers.

You turn your face to me, seeking my mouth to meet up with yours.
Opening your mouth slightly, you kiss me passionately.
I kiss you back.
You pull your tongue out, giving it to me to suck,
I receive you, opening my mouth, sucking your tongue, feeling our lips,
intertwine, sliding on each other, as I suck your tongue harder.
This is when I pull your nipples, pinching them softly,
pressing them between my fingers.

We are so close that when you turn up to me, you almost lay on top of me.

You slide your hand down, caressing my tommy, going further south,
reaching my manhood, already stiff from all the kissing.
I feel you gripping on me, moving your hand up and down along my shaft.
As we continue to kiss each other, I caress your breast, the space between your breastm your tommy...then start running my hand on your lush forest. I have always loved how soft, and hairy your lush is.
It excites me to caress you there, and feel how I make you squirm, arching your back on me, inviting my hand to go further down.

I know how wet you can get.
In this very moment, as we kiss, you hold my manhood in your hand, as my hand goes down to caress your intimate flower.
I rejoice of caressing the outer lips, exposing the hood of your ****, feel how wet you are, sliding my fingers on the outside, from side to side, then in circles softly.

Moments later you feel me getting hard. A little shiver passes up your spine as you thrill to the warm stiffening pressing between your legs.
Controling my breath, and my growing excitement I feel my hardness growing between your legs, unsure whether I should let this happen, or refrain myself.

My **** is now pressing between your legs as it tries to rise.
Wondering what, if anything. Images and memories of our past discussions come back, as the desire to take me inside you.

A familiar pre-arousal tingling spread through your abdomen to your sex.
Still feeling me between your upper thighs, you start pushing your way out of our cuddle, rolling me over and getting my attention.

Raising your left leg a few inches and reaching your left arm down over mine, sliding over your belly into your mount of venus, start teasing yourself with slow caresses.
I am already ready for you, my hardness fully erected and girthy.
Your own wetness quickly coating your fingers. My **** pressing against you, but this time rising between your slightly parted legs.
Opening them further to let it grow unrestrained. Then lowering, trapping it there, and squeezing your own fingers still sliding slowly along your ***** lips.
Feeling my **** **** throb, its heat reflecting your own.

Reaching down further, you can touch the head, rub your juices on it, maybe even tickle that extra sensitive spot on the underside.

Now, I can feel you want me. Grasping gently at the head to guide it to you, you arch to get your body to line up right.
My chest and legs caressing your skin.
Every place we touch is electric, especially down there, where I am so close to where you want me to be.

Feeling drips of your own excitement run over your leg to dampen the bedsheet.
Spreading your legs a little wider and carefully reaching down, you grasp my hardness in my hand, pointing the head right between your wet and aching *****.

I love the feeling of your hand around me, guiding me in you...I can feel myself growing harder in you.
With each beat of the heart, my sex is throbbing larger and longer, pushing deeper and deeper into you.
You wetness is delicious, pulling out but not completely, I see my thick black sex shining with your juices.

Your moans are mixed mine, the feeling is extatic. Pacing myself with steady penetration,
Your left hand reaches back and grabs my thigh as you arch and press your *** back into me, inviting me to fill you up completely with all of me.
Not an inch left, all of me in you.
My hands caressing your back, holding your hips, as I kiss and bite your shoulders, your back.

The selquiching sound your wet ***** makes excites me even more as I move my hips, going deeper and deeper.
Getting closer to you, I turn your face to me for a long kiss, sucking your tongue as I push my sex deeper,
pacing the rythm of my kiss with the movements of hips, rolling, pumping, as I grind myself in you...
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Great composition..