My Naughty Girl.

She sent me a text and told me to come by at 1:50pm, and not to be late. Not like her, but I was sure she had a reason.

It was a girl I had been seeing when I was in town for many years. We were able to get together every couple of months when I found myself in town on business. She was single, and was actively dating. I’ve known her for years, through her rocky divorce, through her first attempts at dating after being newly single. Our relationship was at first it was an affair, purely sex. But we each became the one the other could share everything with. No secrets, no self consciousness. In most ways she knew me better than anyone.

Anyway, I got there, right at 2:00. She opened the door and pulled me in. She was in this sexy short robe that made her look delicious! “My lucky day” I thought. She pulled my clothes off, kissing me, running the nails up under my balls, bringing me to full hardness in nothing flat. Then there was a knock at the door.

She pushed me into her walk in closet, “wait here” she says, turning off the light and mostly closing the door. I was left standing there, wondering “what the hell?” and started out of the closet. Then I hear her talking, walking back towards the bedroom. “We have to hurry” I hear, a voice I don’t know.

Then I see, she is kissing and taking the clothes off of a guy that I figure must be the guy she’s been seeing. A married guy she had told me about. "Just for the sex" she had told me. I watched from the closet as she was doing exactly the same to him as she had just done to me, cupping his balls. His **** several inches bigger than mine I noticed.

I watched him push her down, pulling her face close, then slapping it with his ****. “Is this what you want?”. He asked. She just sucks it into her mouth, getting him hard as he was telling her to do. He was non-stop telling her exactly what to do, calling her his little cockslut. Pretty demeaning actually. But there was no resistance at all on her part.

In fact she was really getting into it. He was literally ******* her mouth, bumping it down the back of her throat. He pulled out, and ran it over her face. Then pulled her up and grabbed her boobs, roughly, squeezing and pulling on them. “Turn around” he told her. She did exactly as she told her, she got up on the bed, her *** in the air, knees pulled up. He put his hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her into the bed as he pushed into her.

There was no tenderness here. He was rough. His hands gripped her hips as he pistoned into her. She was grunting and pushing back, her upper body pressed into the mattress as he used her. I could see her face, looking over towards me. Her eyes were glazed, her whole body shaking and jiggling with his thrusts as he came.

Holy Crap. I had never seen anything like this. I was standing there in the closet, I realized wearing nothing but my socks. And I was hard as a rock. I heard him talking, but not really hearing what he said as I looked at her, she rolled over onto her side watching him as he got dressed. And then he was gone.

I didn't move for a bit, still thinking about all I had just witnessed. I knew she liked her sex rough, though between us it had never been that way. I never really understood, maybe never believed she could like it like this.

I stepped out. Unsure what to do. She pulled me down to her. “I want you inside” she said. And I was. I couldn't believe how easily I slid into her. How open she was. How wet she was. She knew me too well. She knew this part would send me over the edge. I came, even though there was barely any friction. I came as she was kissing me. I could taste him on her lips. I could feel his *** all around my **** and I just couldn’t hold back.

I remember wondering how our relationship was about to change, or perhaps it already she pushes me over, straddling me, a mischievous grin on her face….
daltxn daltxn
46-50, M
Nov 30, 2012