The sheets are silk so smooth next to my skin.The comforter is light and soft. I feel so sensual as I lay there. A lazy stretch making me all the more in the mood for something erotic..You did not tell me just what you had in mind for tonight,simply to be waiting in the bed,and to expect a surprise.
i had lit the candles, so the light was muted and flickering.I listened as the front door closed, knowing you were home and the excitement began to build.I waited for you to enter the bedroom, you did not. But instead in walked a vision ... Small with a figure that would melt the arctic... Luminous eyes , long black hair, my god where did you find her ?She walked over to my side of the bed and sat down next to me..Oh those eyes!! Almond shaped and as black as the darkest night ,, Her name is as lovely as she , Masumi! A pearl from Japan ! My god you have known for ages that this was one of my greatest fantasies, perfection she was , skin like milk, ! She quietly slipped into the bed next to me..All I could do was stare at this beautiful creature that was next to me , I took her head into my hands ,needing to kiss her.. her lips were so soft. A long deep kiss my tongue exploring the inside of her mouth, sweet , so sweet, .Moments passing , no idea of time, I wanted to enjoy and explore every inch of that body. Slim waist , breasts , oh her breasts.Twin moons topped off with small brown nipples that were so hard and erect..slender legs And a small patch of black velvet nestled between them.As I kissed her, my fingers brushed her breasts .then running down her sides, softer than the silk of the sheets.Touching the patch of hair that framed the shaved lips of her ***** . She emitted small sighs of delight at my touches,Starting with her neck light kisses, her shoulders, touching my tongue to her skin, then down to her beautiful breasts I just had to hold them, taking one nipple into my mouth ,sent shivers down my body, she tasted like she had bathed in almond milk.slightly sweet,enticing I didnt know if it were moments or days that I spent just on her perfect breasts, I then moved down her belly Kissing her navel,.working down to her thighs.not a blemish on her body.I kissed her legs , behind her knees, saving the best for last,Parting her legs and running my fingertips in the soft hair topping that mound above her *****. looking for just a moment , so lovely.Bending my head to inhale the scent of her, glorious! with my fingers parting the lips to behold the wonder between them,A **** sitting in the center of a rose bud. My mouth began to water. I touched her with my tongue ever so lightly. a small mew like a kitten came from her.And dew flowed to my taste buds. She was beyond all I have ever experienced.I licked her **** and vulva with such hunger.She moved her small body in time with my tongue moaning and thrusting, ******* so much that it ran down my chin..I had not even been aware that you had entered the room being so taken with what was before me.I felt your weight on the bed and your hands on my body as you slipped your tongue to my ****..licking me so wonderfully, slowly then putting your tongue deep into my soaking ***** letting me explode .. As you moved away I slid up the bed taking her in my arms, placing her up onto the pillows. and spreading her legs.I lifted myself so that our ******* were place face to face **** to ****, pulling her to me and holding her so that we were tight tougher . the wetness from our ******* mingling as she moved her hips grinding her **** on to mine. back and forth, the sounds or two wet *******,tougher like music to my she arched her back, and cried out as she we came tougher.She lay back and you took me in your arms, Your **** enormous in its hardness.You entered me thrusting with such wanton and hunger,filling me gasping at the size your desire had created.pumping, like what seemed forever, me ******* over and over,. waves rocked our bodies as we both shuddered to earth shattering climax.
then fell into each others arms.. She was gone, you did no touch her.she was my gift held me in your arms, "Happy Birthday said...

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very nice, I want to be Masumi. Do that to me and I will do it to you x

Beautiful, Godiva! Well written, quite erotic and descriptive, in good taste! When you wrote "tougher" three times, could you have meant "together"?
Now, when is that Special Day...

Wow....Godiva, you write wonderfully. Very erotic and so very hot!

Very Hot! I hope that you get many more chances to explore your pearl.