What You Did.

What you did, I don't tell many about this, It almost makes me *** just to think about it , Reading your stories just makes it more profound . I love to ****. I get shy in telling someone about my desires about this.I have not joined any of the groups that pertain to it really ,not knowing what lovers would think .I have only shared this with one other here. But your stories have given me the need today.! I want to **** with you , on you . Oh my bladder is full. **** leaking out .I am going to the tub and taking this with me , I have a small round hand mirror and I am sitting in the tub watching as streams of **** leak from my *****! just watching it , I am fingering my **** as it comes out. Slowly at first , Then more , stronger, I am just about to ***! rubbing my fingers on my **** soaked ***** as the stream grows stronger ! Ah yes it is coming out so strong ! *******! I wish that you were watching me !
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 13, 2013