Phoenix Trip...

Here's a fantasy for you…

So I'm due to fly out to see my buddy Tom in Phoenix to escape the

winter chill…only problem is he now has a live in girlfriend, Stacy.

He told me not to worry about it…"She knows what you like to wear

swimming and around the house" he tells me with a grin…which is


My flight gets there in the evening and after a few delays with

changing flights I'm dead tired, so I just go to bed, it's about

midnight when we get to his house. His girlfriend is asleep and I

tell him I'm gonna take a quick shower and stack some z's.

The next morning I come downstairs wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts…

his girlfriend is in the kitchen and looks at me and says "And what

are YOU wearing?"

I reply "What's wrong with this?!" and being a joking smart-*** I

throw in "Why, you got a strap-on and some lube you wanna try out?"

She laughs and smirks…she goes on to say "You know, it's okay, you

can get naked, why don't you get comfortable, you're on vacation."

Stacy then stairs at me…saying with her eyes "come on, *****

already!" Sooooo, I drop my shorts and pull off my shirt. I go to

pick them up and she tells me to just leave them there.

I ask where Tom is and Stacy tells me he got a call early this

morning and had to fly out and that he should be back tomorrow.

So I make my breakfast and all the while Stacy is watching me…

intently. I ask her "I thought you kept Tom naked when he's home…

don't you watch him enough?" Stacy replies "Hey, fresh meat, I'm

enjoying the view!"

"Were you joking about the strap-on?" I had the feeling she quickly

developed an agenda…I look her straight in the eye and told her I was

open to `experimenting' if she was…it was the closest to sex I would

go without actually bedding down my bud's girl…I mean, come on, she's

riding me…with a strap-on toy no less! The nuns would say I was


It's only 8AM and I told her I was going to lie out by the pool for a

while…8AM and it's already 75 degrees out! Stacy changes into a

bikini and joins me.

Around 9:30 I've already been in the pool and have done some laps.

Stacy tells me to come inside. I follow her and she proceeds to pick

up my clothes and tells me, in an authoritative voice, to get dressed

because we're going out.

I throw on my shirt and put on my shorts and we get into Tom's BMW.

She has this grin that I tease her about…but I think I get my answer

as we pull up to an adult toy store.

We walk in an wander around. We're the only one's in the shop besides

the woman behind the counter…Mandy.

Stacy walks up to the register grinning holding a couple tubes of

loob and a strap-on. Mandy now has a grin…looks at me and asks "Is

this for you?" with a peircing stare into my eyes. Then turns to

Stacy and asks "You want to see how it fits?"

I'm thinking…WHAT! ?!?

Mandy explains she'd put a condom on the strap-on and even toss in

some free lube. She says business is "realllllly slowwww" and that we

were the only one's in the store.

Stacy asks Mandy if she has a bag. I now have a confused look on my

face. Mandy hands Stacy a bag…then turns to me and orders me

to "*****…NOW!"

I start to feel my **** get hard…and instinctivly I remove my shorts

and t-shirt and hand them to Stacy. Mandy is smiling as much as Stacy!

Mandy has me bend over…carressing my back and slapping my *** a

little bit, then applies some lube…with one hand on my back and the

other holding the strap-on she instructs Stacy that you want to work

it in slow…more for her pleasure. ;)

After a couple minutes Mandy asks "How we doing, hun, you enjoying

this?" She then reaches down to feel my rock hard ****…"WOW, Stacy is

he always like this?!"

Stacy then checks me out and tells Mandy that I'm a friend of her

boyfriend and that he's out of town and I'm here…

Mandy proceeds to keeps stroking the strap-on in and out…"Are you

going to let him take care of himself? I don't think he can take much

more." Stacy asks if she has another bag that I could ********** into

so as to not make a mess on the floor. Mandy laughs and says let him

go for it, it's a tile floor!

So Mandy pulls out the strap-on and I stand up and I have these 2

incredibly sexy women watching me stroke my ****…it's not long before

I erupt spirting *** like I never have before!

Both Mandy and Stacy express a "WOW! Niiiiice!" while clapping and


Stacy thanks Mandy for the demo…I ask Mandy if she has any plans and

Stacy had no problem if Mandy were to stop by!

I go to get my clothes and Stacy goes "Uh, uh, uh! I like you like

this! C'mon, the car is right in front of the door. Think of it as a


"C'mon STUD, I'd love to see you walk out of here naked! Do it for me

and we'll have a great time tonight!"

I hold the door open for Stacy and she tugs my **** on the way out

the door. I tell Mandy "See you later!" and head out to the car.

Stacy is laughing as we get into the car. "Damn a **** like that AND

balls! I like you, you're a riot. Now let's go have some fun!"

We get back to the house and Stacy had me play with my **** all the

way home…any juice that came out I had to suck off my fingers.

"All right `stud' get on all fours!" Stacy tells me as we get into

the house…by then Stacy was out of her top and pulling off the rest

of her clothes.

"Now I'm doing this because Tom was never into this…I'm going to

enjoy myself. Are you okay with that?!"

"Yes. Yes I am! But I do have a couple questions."


"Okay…I am aroused…you are going to let me relieve my `buid-up' and

two are we hiding this from Tom or what?"

"Of course I'm going watch you ********! I love watching Tom and you

were great in the store earlier. As for telling Tom, I already sent

him a text what we were doing and he's cool with it if you're cool

with it. He said he wants to watch me **** you when he gets home!"

"Cool." LOL

Stacy then applies some lube and plays with my hole a little bit

asking me if I like it and I reply that I do.

She then grabs both my hips and slooooowly enters…she let's out a

moan. I love hearing a woman moan.

She begins a slow pumping action and asks if what I'm doing is ok and

I reply that it is.

She pulls out and pulls the strap-on down and gets to work on her

**** and she tells me to start ******* off…

I lie down and as I'm watching her, she's watching me. She has an

incredible ****** and then I finally ***…and boy howdy do I ***…all

the way up to my chest. She tells me in a very commanding voice to

lap up my *** and swallow it…all of it…she wants to watch me eat my


Mandy knocks on the door and Stacy has me get it as another dare.

Always up for a dare I open the door and Mandy looks me up and down.

Staring at my **** she asks "Been having fun you two?"

We all laugh as I close the door and Mandy grabs my **** and caresses

it as we walk back to the living room.

Mandy asks if she can try out the strap-on with me and I "assume the

position" but Mandy has me get on my back and has me hold up my legs.

She likes the look of my **** she tells me and wants to look at it

while she rides me like I've never been ridden. I tell her "Okay, but

I want to return the favor!"

"Oh you got it! I can't wait for you to **** my brains out…but I get

to **** you first! Momma had a dull day after you two left and wants

to get off!"

After pumping my *** she pulls off the strap-on and works herself to

a very loud ************. I hold off from stroking myself because I

know what's next!

Stacy is watching us and has her ***** and vibrator and is getting

herself off!

Then…Tom walks in! "Hey, what do we have going on here and who's the

hotty on the floor *******, *******, and ******* some more?!"

"That's Mandy from the adult toy store. After she demoed the strap-on

up his *** we had him blow his load in the store and wanted some

more!" And Mandy tells me "Yeah and I could use some **** now, so get

over here!"

She spreads her legs and my **** slides right up into her and she

flips me back and starts riding me `cow-girl' style! Now Mandy has a

tight little frame and small ****…a combination that I love…I start

to fondle her nipples when she's riding my slow…leaning forward we

kiss…then I can tell from the look in her eyes that she's ready to go

fast again and she leans back and goes to town…as soon as she starts

screaming I can feel her juices sliding down my ****…and just as

she's ******* I start to *** and I fill her with my load…as she comes

down from her ****** she leans forward and kisses me, then whispers

in my ear "Okay, now you need to clean my ***** out…I know you can

handle it, now get to work" and as she finishes telling me this she

moves her body around so I can suck her juices and mine out of her

sweet tasting ***** and she leans over and takes my **** and softly

sucks on me…what a heavenly feeling.

Tom has since ******** and has been working Stacy to ****** after


It's now 10 at night and we're exhausted, but not too exhausted for a

little skinny-dipping in the pool!

Mandy stays the night over and the next morning we get up and come

downstairs, both naked…and Tom in his boxers and Stacy in a tee they

just look at us and smirk and go about having their breakfast.

Mandy goes off to work but promises to be back for more "fun"!


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DAMN, too bad it is only a fantasy. HOTTTT