A Night Of Naked Fun With My Mom

This story took place last summer when I was 18. It was the first time me and my mom were naked in public and it definitely began a few more exhibition experiences. So it was the middle of a hot summer and downtown in the local park they played movies weekly outside. The movies were projected on to a screen in the middle of the park where anyone could watch them for free. One night when there was absolutely nothing to do at home my mom suggested to everyone that we go watch one of the movies for fun. My brother being the video game addict he was said no and my dad, not wanting my brother to stay home alone, also so no. That left jus me, and being very close to my mom and the fact that I like watching movies I agree I'd go.

Since the whole movie thing was a very casual thing in the summer most family's brought blankets and just stayed in there pajama's. so that was exactly what I did while my mom went in a t shirt and loose dress, which at the time seemed normal but I guess she planned to wear all along. Anyways, so then in the evening we then grabbed lawn chairs and blankets, since it was starting to cool down, and headed out the door.

We drove down to the park, which took a good 25 minutes. We parked the van in the parking lot and started towards the centre of the park where we could already see the movie had began. We walked up and chose our spot in the very back on top of the hill. The projector was at the bottom of the hill and family's positioned themselves on stones stairs than went all the way down and along the hill side (if that makes any sense lol). Since we were late a few minutes we where forced to sit at the very top where only one other couple was sitting way on the opposite side on the stone steps.

"Aw man, now we won't be able to see the movie very well." I said even though I had seen the movie already, it was only disney's cars, but I still wanted to watch. "Oh we, you've seen it already anyways honey." I then asked "can we at least try and move down the steps a bit?" She then quickly replied "no no, this spot is fine...trust me." At the time I just agreed and sat in my chair covered by my blanket not knowing my mom never planned on watching the movie.

A few times during the movie I looked over at my mom to see her shuffling around under her blankets and ask if she was alright. She only replied with "yup, I'm just re-adjusting, this seat is rather uncomfortable. It wasn't until the movie had a good half hour left that she whispered or me "wanna have some fun honey?" Smiling I then replied "what kinda fun?" "This kind." Was all she said as she took both of her handsmoutmfrom under her blanket and quickly tossed me her dress. I was shocked and immediately grabbed it and hid it under my blanket.

"What are you doing?!?" I whispered "I told you, I'm having fun. Now how about we get out of her before the movie ends?" "Please tell me your at least wearing panties under there!" I could fell my **** already started to get hard. "Never put any on. Now come on let's get out of here." "Someone will see us!" I then gestured towards the other couple sitting on the last step. She then looked over and back to say "it's too dark at this point for them to make out that we'll be naked as we leave." "We?" "Yeah, we.re gonna do this together. Now take off you pants and underwear you chicken." "I'm not a chicken!" "Then take them off." She said with a smirk. With that I asked my back from under the blanket and slid both my pajama's and boxers down to my ankles and off. "There." I said bait nervous to get caught.

"Bullshit!" Mom said as she grabbed the blanket and ripp it off me, which then exposed my entire hard **** to the world, I quickly covered it with her dress. "Meet you in the car!" She said as she then took both blankets, my pants and her chair and calmly started to jog back to the car. I was quietly freaking out and just sat there in panic for a few i guess a minute or two till I stood up grabbed my lawn chair and ran down the other side of the hill.

I was in the middle of the park with no pants, and hard **** and my mom was no where is sight. I have no idea at that point if anyone saw me but I kept running while I tried to cover my **** while holding the dress over it. The cold air on my lower body felt great as I ran through the park. I felt scared but at the same time so turned on. I finally saw the van in sight and began to slow down and I even flung the dress over my shoulder not even bothering to hide my rock hard *****. I was so horny at this point that anyone could see my **** that I didn't care to run. I reached the car and immediately flung open the side door to throw in the chair and dress.

Out of breath I then quickly hoped in the front seating out of breath to see my mom just sitting there in the drives seat. She then looked at my hard **** and said "told you that would be fun." She then giggled as I managed to spit out "and dangerous." Still out of breath "you kidding me? No one saw us were fine." I then sat there still pants less as she began to drive out of the park.

By now I had caught my breath and started to examine my mom in the drivers seat. She was driving half naked and she seemed to love it. Between her legs I saw her lovely bush. It was dark and curly and I could tell she once again had not shaven in over a month or so. We reached an abandoned red light when I decided to reach over and rub my hand through her bush a few times. "Nice and hairy I see." I said with a huge smile. She kept both hands on the wheel as she looked down at my hand rubbing her bush and said "it's too much effort to shave plus we both love a hairy bush." "That we do" I replied still rubbing my hand through her thick hair. The light turned green and the car began to move again so I took my hand away and slowly began to tease my ****.

A minute or so later my mom laugh and said "of course....it had to be now." "What!?!" I said in a bit of panic. "Calm down there kiddo, the car needs gas." "Oh ****." She then drove to the nearest gas station. It, to our luck, was also empty as we drove in. "I'm not getting out said." As soon as she parked next to the meter. "*****." She said looking at me with a smirk. She then bent over and grabbed between the seats and I slapped her *** nice and hard. "Ow! Easy!" I then laugh and felt up my moms *** as she said to me "where the hell did you throw my dress!" Taking my hand off her *** I said to her "I don't know. I just tossed it because I was to busy thinking I was gonna get caught." She then turned around and sat in the seat holding my pajama's. "we'll then ill just have to wear these." I laughed and said to her to go right ahead. She then slid the pants on and got out of the car to get gas.

She had gone inside, already payed for the gas and was walking back to the car when I saw it. The two buttons on the pajama's were open, they must of came undone when I had gotten a ***** back at the movie. Even in the light of the gas station outside I could clearly see her hairy bush as she walked towards the car. She stepped in and put on her seat beat when I slowly said to her "mom..." "Yeah?" "I can see your bush." Giggling she said "what do you mean, you've seen it be.." She looked down and saw the buttons were undone. "Oh ****! Was it that noticeable?" "I could see your lovely bush as you were walking towards the car." "Well then... I guess I just made the cashier's night." She said with a huge smile. I laughed and couldn't believe she didn't care some stranger probably saw her bush. "Yeah, I guess he'll have a story to tell his buds tomorrow!" I said jokingly. "He sure will." She said still smiling.

Before she was about to drive off I said to her "well, your back in the car so take the pants off won't ya?" "Yes sir." She said joking as she then slipped the pajama's off and threw them in the back. We were still in the middle of town and my mo was now about to pull out of the gas station when mom said "nights still young, we're both horny, were shall we do?" By now I was definitely horny but I wanted to please her. "What ever turns you on." "Oh how nice of you. Well then McDonald's it is." "What? You actually want McDonald's this late?" "No but I do want to go through the drive thru." "Like this?" "Hey you said whatever I want. Remeber? "Let's do it!" I said bit excited!

With that we then began to drive to McDonald's. on the way my heart began to pound in my chest "I can't believe I'm about to flash someone my ****!" "And if they're like me, they love the sight of it." "You love my ****?" "It's bigger than your fathers, of course I do, why do you think I do things like this with you not and him." I heart skipped a beat and all I could spit put was "I love you." "I love you too honey." She said with a soft smile. We then pulled into McDonald's and and drove straight for the drive thru. There were two cars ahead of us as while we were waiting my mom undid her seatbelt and I asked what she was doing, "showing them everything." Was all she said as she then pulled her shirt over her head and threw it In the back. She was about to undo her blue lace, DD, bra when she stopped and asked "or should I leave some to the imagine?" "Uuuh. Wait to see if its aguy or girl on the mic, then if its a guy tease."

She agreed and we then pulled up to the speaker. "Hi, welcome to McDonald's. can I take your order?" It was a guy. My mom then order one small ice cream and asked if I wanted anything I said I wanted nothing. We then drove up and my heart was pounding. "Wait never mind, I do t wanna do this!" "Too late, besides he'll be staring at me, not you." With that she then slid both straps over her shoulders and let her bra hang down a bit to tease the guy. She then made sure the seatbelt was snug between her **** to make them look bigger. "Omg your teasin me too even though I've seen them so many times." "Thanks you! Quiet, here we go!."

We pulled up to the window and I watched as he immediately couldn't stop staring at my moms ****. He looked only a tad younger than me, about 17 yet i had never seen him, which i guess was good since my **** my hanging out there for hi to see. we could tell he was nervous but The best part was my mom played it off as if nothing was happening. His hands were shaking even as he handed her the ice cream through the window. I then watched as one of my moms **** slipped out and was completely exposed. It was a good thing mom had grabbed the ice cream by now because I'm sure he would of dropped it if he still had it. It was like the kid had never seen a pair of ****. My mom then smiled and said "we'll I think that definitely made his night!" "I'll say, he probably didn't even notice I was naked... Now stop the teasing at take of the bra, I. Dying to see them." "Calm down there horn dog."

Mom then parked in the the back of the parking lot not 30 feet from the drive thru window. "What your not even gonna leave? He probably watched you park and is gonna want more." She laughed and then began to lick her ice cream. "Omg my god let me see them." I them quickly reach over and forced her other *** out of her bra and began to fondle it all while she leaned back to eat her ice cream. She then offered my some ice cream and I accepted but instead of handing my the ice cream she smile and said "here, have some then." As she smeared the ice cream cone all over one of her nipples. I immediately accepted the offer and she turned her body I the car seat to face me. I quickly put my mouth to her nipple and began sucking and kissed her boobs. I suckled her nipple real hard while pinching the other and she began to moan. I was sucking my moms **** in the McDonald's parking lot It was awesome!

I sucked on her **** what seemed for a while when she blurted out "boy I miss breast feeding!" I stopped and asked her why, she then replied "because you once sucked my nipples for 12 hours straight as a baby. It felt so good!" "Oh my god!". She then sat up and threw the empty cone out the window. "Now lets get out of here before someone sees us this late at night. It was about 9 o'clock but looked a lot later. We then drove down the Main Street and I stroked my **** as I watched my mom drive with one hand and fondue her boob Witt the other, she even bit her lip a bit. "Man you look horny mom." "I'm am, you sure did a good job on my nipples, they feel so sensitive right now." "Still horny? Wow, well do you want to go home yet?" "Hell no." "Wont dad be getting worried?" "No I told hi it's an entire movie marathon, he'll expect us to be home late," "did you have this planned out for the beginning or something?" "Something like this, but this has turned out to be way more fun...and Horner than I thought." "Well what do you wanna do naked now?" "Now it's your choice honey." "Alright then, let me drive."

She agreed to let me drive and suddenly at the next abandoned stop sign I watched her run around the front of the car, that was my cue to shuffle onto the front seat so I quickly did. As soon as she got back in the car I said "you could of been caught you know." "We haven't been caught yet, now drive." Realizing I was now at the drivers seat I then began to drive. "So where we headed?" She asked. "You'll see." I then began to drive but had no clue were I was going. While I was thinking of a place to go I carefully watched as my mom slipped her hand between her legs and began to finger herself.i began to drive with one hand on the wheel and my **** in the other.

Mom then quickly slapped my hand off my **** and said "both hands on the wheel, I don't wanna end up in the ditch naked." "You were driving with one hand." "I'm more experienced." She replied quickly. Then my horny mind came up with an idea "well then you'll have to take care of this **** for me." "I'm busy ************ of her too you know." I then quickly made up some bullshit story and said "my balls are starting to hurt, if I don't *** soon I might get blue balls." Smiling I pretty sure she knew I was joking but without saying anything she then took her left hand and placed it on my ****. She slowly began to tease me while I wash driving. One moment she would would be stroking it slowly and the next she would squeeze it and yank it like crazy. It felt amazing and she must of known I was about to *** all over the steering wheel because she then just stopped. "Your now ******* yet." "Wow that felt amazing!" "I give them to your father on occasion, but it's easier to do on a huge **** like yours. Now we're are we gong?"

I quickly the decided I knew where I was going. I drove us under a bridge about 10 minutes from our house, I parked the car infront of mating pant that lead to a piece of sand. "You wanna go for a late night skinny dip?" "Yup." I said turning the engine off. "And since we'll be under the bridge no one will see us this late. "Ok but at least keep the car lights running, we need to be able to see somewhat." And with that I watched her get out of the car and then her *** checks slowly bounce back and forth I the headlights. I got out of the car walked towards the water. My mo was already up to her waist I water and was splashing around. "How's the water?" "Refreshing, now get you and your hard **** in here." "Yes mam." I said jokingly.

I then proceeded to edge myself into the water until the water touched my balls, "damn that's cold!" "What? Your balls already starting to shrink?" "Yup." She then swam closer to me and stood up revealing her saggy, soaked ****. "Remember this was your idea." "I know." i replied softly as I heard a car drive over the bridge. I then continued to say, "mom, I love do things like this with you. Please we have to keep doing this." She stepped closer and said "doing what?" " "you know, being naked around each other, ************ together and all that fun." "Don't worry I having to much fu to stop this kinda stuff anytime soon." With that I then stepped forward and made out with my mom. We kissed and even exchanged some tongue. I felt her we **** pressed up against my chest and my ***** pressed up against her bush under the water.

After we were done kissing I said we should probably be getting home soon as it would take a while to dry off. That when she said "not before you ***. Not I want you to *** in my ****." With that she took my hand and lend my to the shallows where she got on her knees and pushed her boobs together. "***." With that I stroked my **** while I stared at her ****. After a few minutes of her teasing me I shouted "Im *******!" And she ready her **** only to relieve a huge load that shot all over her, one shot even managed to hit her in the check. Mom then leaned back in the water and washed the *** off of her. "Next time make sure to aim lower." She said "next time eh?" She just smiled at me and said "come on let's get dried off now."

With that we then used the blankets from the movies to dry off then get dressed. We then drove home and when we arrived my dad was there to great us at the door. "How was the movie marathon?" He asked. My just smiled and gave hi a hug saying "it was great! We're going again next week." "Maybes I'll join ya next time." He said but me and my mom Just looked at each other and knew that we were the only ones going next week. We did end up going out the next week again for some more fun using the movies as an excuse but that'll have to be another story :). Boy do I love my mom!
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Jan 12, 2013