Bill Board Exhibition

One hot summer night I could not sleep decided to take a bicycle road on an old dirt road , It was late in the night about 12 30 am and being hot that night I only wore shorts no shirt and sneekers. The road soon ran along an high way and I notice a big lighted bill Board.  I decided to climb up on to the bill boards platform and set there as the lights were shining up on me. A good bet of traffic was on that road that night. And thouht wow wouldnt it be something to get undressed and walk on the plat form with all the lights on me ane the cars and trucks passing by seeing me naked

Well I decided to do it I took my shorts and my underware off waited for a line of cars to come pass just as Then as a number of cars and truck got close I stood up and walked down the plat form and turn so they could see all of me naked They could help but see me with all those lights shing on me haerd horns blowing  I wave and walk a little more Then mooned them as they past Knowing that they seen me naked I got an erection dont know if they could see it but wow that was so cool

nudist29 nudist29
Mar 6, 2010