Flashing On The Train

James and I went to the beach and then from there were on our way to go shopping. We decided to catch a train. When we got on it was pretty much empty. We went downstairs and took a seat and start kissing, waiting for the few people that could see us from where they were sitting to leave.

At the next stop, we saw that no one was upstairs so we decided to relocate there. We sat down at the back of the train, moved our bags and started kissing once again.

I was already horny considering while we were at the beach, James was playing with my nipples and ***** while we were lying on the sand. It was pretty packed but I don’t think anyone really noticed as he was quite discreet.

I was wearing a summer dress and decided to take off my bra and panties. I felt more free and I pressed my body against James and kissed him. As we started kissing more passionately, I felt his hand find its way under my dress to my back gently caressing my *** and lower back. I lifted my hips and he pulled me onto him. As I sat on him, he continued kissing me and squeezing my ***. His left hand started to tease my nipples which were poking out of the thin material of my dress.

Since I was wearing no bra or panties, I was going wild. I wanted to be naked so I could feel his tongue and lips on my body. We were still alone on the train so James spread my legs and started teasing my *****.

I loved how exciting and naughty it felt to be so exposed in public, especially on the train. I was totally naked under my dress and there I was, sitting on his lap with my legs spread wide open as he toyed with my *****. I was already wet and he was spreading my juices over my ****, making me moan and need more.

Thus far, we were under a tunnel. As we were nearing the next station, we exited the tunnel and I could feel the sun gently kiss my skin. As we continued towards the station, I was getting more nervous. Another train passed us and I tried to cover up, but James held my legs spread as I flashed the other train. I had no clue if anyone saw but I didn’t care. I was so turned on, I actually hoped people saw my exposed *****.

The train pulled up to the station and we stopped and looked out to see if anyone came upstairs. Unfortunately about five other people joined us upstairs, but they sat a few seats in front of us.

As soon as the train started pulling away from the station, James pulled me on top of him again and had me spread my legs. I was reluctant at first but I saw how excited he was and it excited me as well. I spread my legs and flashed my ***** to the platform as the train pulled away. Sadly there were only two other people on the platform and I’m not sure if they saw.

“Sit on the other side babe and flash me,” James instructed, taking out the camera.

I knew where this was going and it was getting me wet. I moved to the seat opposite him facing him. I started off spreading my legs, exposing my ***** a little bit as he started taking pictures.

“Wow, you’re so wet,” he said, pointing at my *****.

I looked down and I could see my juices sticking to my thighs as I spread them. James handed me a tissue and I wiped my ***** clean. I couldn’t believe I was so wet so quickly.

“Show me more,” he urged.

Turned on by how naughty this felt, I spread my legs completely, exposing my ***** to his greedy eyes. I pulled the dress down, exposing my nipples one by one as he took pictures. I pulled the straps of my dress down over my shoulders and took both my **** out. I then hiked up my dress further, leaving me nearly naked on the train.

I was aware of each station we stopped at. It was nerve wracking but also a turn on. James would look out and if no one stepped onto the train, he’d tell me to show him more as he’d take pictures.

I was reluctant to start until we’d pulled away from the station but seeing how horny he was made me want to flash him and excite him. On a number of occasions, he’d put the camera down and pretend like he was just looking through the pictures as the people in front of us turned to their left or right.

After he’d taken a number of pictures of my exposed ***** and ****, a construction worker sat on the seat directly to our right. He looked about in his mid-twenties, so quite young. I looked over at James thinking that our fun had come to an end, but he had different ideas.

As the train pulled away from the station, he instructed me to put my feet up on his seat and spread my legs a little. The guy couldn’t see up my dress, but it would have been obvious that James could. I didn’t spread my legs completely, but about half way, giving James a clear view of my soaking ***** lips.

Aware that we couldn’t take many more pictures, James and I went down the stairs and stood up at the back of the carriage. Since it was the last car of the train, it was quite empty. There were a few people upstairs and one individual downstairs. On the other side of the car, there were two men chatting but if I positioned myself correctly, they couldn’t see me.

The construction worker would have a clear view if he swerved his head to the left. The old man downstairs would have a good look if he looked to his right, but neither of them did. I stood up and continued flashing James, pulling my **** out. I then pulled my dress up, flashing him my *****. It was exciting knowing that I could be caught at any time and I kept looking around to see if the men were looking.

I quickly covered up at every station but would start flashing as soon as we started pulling away. I took a seat and pulled my **** out and spread my legs wide for James. I then put my feet on the seat and spread my legs so he had a good view of my *****. The man downstairs would have got a huge surprise if he turned around.

Just before we arrived at our stop, I pushed James against the train doors and hungrily kissed him. I was so horny from all that flashing but we were nearly at our stop. We were going to go shopping so I knew he’d make me *** in the change rooms, but I didn’t want to wait.

As I kissed him, he squeezed me against him with his left hand. His right hand went under my dress, pulling my dress up exposing my ***. He firmly squeezed my *** as my tongue entered his mouth. As we kissed, both his hands were groping my *** which was by this stage totally exposed. If anyone walked up/down the stairs to where we were standing, they would have caught a glimpse of my *** and possibly my ***** as well.

We finally arrived at our stop and we got off. The ride took about forty minutes. I had my **** or ***** exposed for over half the trip. It got me so wet flashing in public.

James and I are hoping I get a little braver. I’d love to expose myself to a busy station platform as we pull away from the station. I know James would love to see people’s expression when they see a girl flashing her **** or ***** on the train.

Maybe next time, I’ll be waiting at the station and spread my legs and expose my ***** to a train as it pulls away. I hope a few guys and girls get a good look!
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Dec 10, 2012