Naked fun at the park

So, let me first set the scene. James and I were at a pretty big park a couple of days ago. There was construction going on so there were portable offices around, tall hotels a couple of hundred metres away, a few construction workers and a few other people scattered around the place. We had just gone swimming and we were both more than horny. On our way home, James suggested we take some pictures outside. My exhibitionist side took over and I gave him a cheeky grin before heading over to a more secluded area.

We were lying down on the grass at first, but James suggested that I wear my bikini top. “Change right here?” I asked. He just smiled and got my bikini top from my bag. There were another three people (two guys and one girl) about 100 metres from us so we decided to move behind a tree. The tree however offered very little protection. I ******** off my t-shirt and was left standing in my bra and short shorts (no panties). I looked around to see one of the guys had a clear view of me. He looked my way, looked away but then realizing what he saw (a girl in her bra), looked straight back. I dropped to my knees and took off my bra, leaving me topless.

I then realized that while there were makeshift fences blocking me from the construction workers, while I was kneeling down, I could see them clearly through the gaps under the fence. I guessed they could also see me (if they looked hard enough). James tried to get the camera but I had put on my bikini top by then.

We made our way to where the ground dipped down (almost like a hill) and lay down, out of sight of the three other people. However, now we were a couple of hundred metres from the road and the people walking past. We figured it was pretty hard for people to make out what we were doing so James started taking pictures of me lying there in my shorts and bikini top.

“Flash me baby”, he asked. I obliged, pulling one of my nipples out for his hungry eyes. As he snapped away, we noticed some workers pull up in a vehicle and start moving some of the fences on our right. They were pretty far away so we didn’t bother stopping. James undid my shorts and pulled them down a little and took more pictures of my **** out. I then leant on my side and he took more pictures, flicking my nipples and teasing me, making me wetter than I already was.

Unable to take any more, I got on top of him and kissed him passionately. I felt his hands on my lower back, gently moving under my shorts and massaging my ***. The workers probably could have seen but I don’t know if they would have been able to make anything out.

As I kissed him, leaning over him, my bikini top was coming loose and my **** came out. Not caring, I continued to kiss him as he played with my nipples. I had no clue if people could see my **** but I didn’t care, I just needed his hands on me. When we stopped kissing, we noticed a worker sitting on one of the benches about 150 metres from us. Luckily he had his back to us but who knows if he saw more.

“Let’s go over there”, James said, pointing to our left. We were on top of the hill, so this new position further down offered more protection. The fences covered us on one side while the hill behind us. The hotel was to our right, but it was quite far away. Though if people in the higher levels looked out, I’m sure it would have been clear what we were doing.

James then had me pose topless. I wasn’t hesitant at al, rather, taking off the tshirt that I’d put on, leaving me totally topless. It felt incredible. I had never been so exposed before. I mean I’d flashed but I could have always pulled my dress up or something. This time, my shirt was on the floor and anyone who walked to the top of the hill would have been able to see me topless.

James took more pictures, while I got more and more wet posing for him. He undid my shorts and I seductively pulled them down, inching them lower, exposing my *****. I turned around and let him take a few shots of my ***. I was now facing the hill. If anyone walked past, they would have seen my exposed **** and *****. It was incredibly exciting!

Soon enough my shorts were at my feet, and James instructed me to step out of them. I was so turned on by now. I was about to be totally naked in public for the first time and I was loving it. I nervously stepped out of my shorts and kicking them to the side. I was now totally naked, ****, ***** and *** exposed to the world.

It was quite warm, but there was a little breeze too. I felt so alive and so excited being naked. I could feel the sun beating down on my bare breasts, the breeze against my *****. It felt like I could experience everything more now, I could feel the elements on my naked body.

James continued to instruct me on how to pose. I spread my ***** lips so he could get some close up shots of me. He then instructed me to get on the ground, spread my legs and lean back, exposing my *****. As I did, I could see under the fence at a man sitting down eating his lunch. I don’t think he would have been able to make out that a hundred metres from him, over the fence I was stark naked, posing for the camera.

After James took a few more pictures, I stood up and he put the camera in his pocket and kissed me. He pulled me close and his hands immediately went to my ***, squeezing me, making me moan in his mouth. As our tongues intertwined, his strong hands continued to roam my body, finding my nipples and tweaking them. He then kissed my right nipple, gently licking them and sucking them. As I ran my hands through his hair, I moaned. The fact that we were outside seemed to melt away and I just wanted him to make me ***.

It was my turn to instruct him. “Squeeze my ***. I want you to suck my ****. Finger me”, I moaned. As his fingers found my *****, he smiled to himself.

“See how wet I am”, I whispered seductively. “Make me ***”.

He would normally tease me, make me beg and moan before he would make me ***, but he was so horny by now. After seeing me pose naked for him outside, all he wanted was to make me moan.

He pulled me close against him, kissing me while slipping a finger inside me. He didn’t need to coat my ***** with my juices, I was so wet, my juices were running down my leg. As he slipped a finger inside me, I moaned, gripping him tight as he drove me wild with his expert fingers.

He suddenly dropped to his knees, spread my ***** lips and went to work on my ****. He used his tongue to lick my **** as he continued to finger me. I braced myself against his shoulders and let the waves of pleasure engulf me. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I just stood there, slightly leaning over, mouth open in an “O” shape as he sucked and licked my **** while fingering me.

Sensing I was close, he focused his attention on his fingers. He knelt up so his mouth was a little under my nipple. I leant forward more so he could suck my right nipple as he continued thrusting his finger inside my wet, slopping *****. As he sucked my ****, he increased his speed on my *****, suddenly adding another finger.

I moaned out loud, unaware I was naked in public, James on his knees in front of me, fingering my *****. All I could think about was the ****** that was going to rock me. he grabbed my ***, pulled me close and while still on his knees, increased his speed once again and continued fingering me. I could hardly take it, I was moaning, gripping him tight as I could feel myself come closer and closer to an ******.

My ***** was tensing up and I could feel my ****** about to hit. As it hit me, he continued thrusting into my *****, driving me over the edge. Screaming, I dug my nails into him as my ****** took over.

James got to his feet as I stood there shaking. He pulled me close and once again went to work on my *****. I tried to stop him but this time, he wanted to make me squirt. He curled his fingers inside me, braced himself and started moving up and down instead of in and out. I rested my head on his shoulder, leant against him and within seconds, I was screaming again as I started squirting.

He got down on his knees and licked up my juices as they flowed down my leg. He then turned me around, knowing that while I couldn’t take any more, I’d never give up an opportunity to have him enter me from behind. I bent over, resting my hands on my knees while my naked *** and ***** were right in his face.

He slid two fingers inside my ***** and continued to finger **** me, as hard and as fast as he could. Once again, it only took seconds before I was squirting, my juices coating his hands and running down my leg. I begged him to stop before pushing him away, unable to take anymore.

Shaking his right hand, I could hear my juices hit the grass. Wow, I couldn’t believe how much I had soaked his hands.

Totally in the midst of my pleasure, I kissed him, moaning as I pulled him close. Every time he makes me ***, I just want more. I cant explain how turned on I am by that stage. Even though I’d just *** multiple times, I still wanted more, but I knew I couldn’t take it. My hands roamed his body, desperately struggling to take his singlet off to expose his sexy body. I dug my nails into his chest, running my hands over his abs and to his shorts.

I got on my knees and he helped me with his belt. I waited till I could hear that satisfying clang of his belt being undone. I immediately went for his ****, ******* it off a few times before engulfing it with my mouth. All I could think about was to fulfill that desire within me to make him ***.

I took his **** in my mouth, making it wet with my saliva. I enjoyed the sensation of having him in my mouth, filling me up. As I bobbed up and down, James placed his hands on my head and pulled me towards his crotch. I took his whole **** in my mouth, slightly gagging as felt my lips touch the base of his ****. Pulling back, I licked his shaft, and then his head, sucking on it gently. As he moaned, encouraging me, I started ******* off his wet ****.

He threw his head back and moaned as I jerked him off whilst on my knees. I enjoyed the sight of his beautiful **** in my face being manipulated by my hands. I loved knowing I was pleasing him and I engulfed his **** once more, ******* his **** off whilst it was still in my mouth.

“Yeahhhh baby, that’s it…I’m so close…keep going”, was all he could moan as I continued working on his rock hard ****. Making his **** wet, I continued ******* it off while covering it with my mouth.

“Yes…yes…yes baby…I’m going to ***…I want to *** on your ****”.

I pulled my head back and continued to jerk him off over my ****. As he was about to ***, he thrust his **** out as his body jerked and he shot his load on my ****. I loved feeling his hot *** hit my chest, especially considering we were outside. I couldn’t believe I was topless, on my knees with his *** all over my ****.

James grabbed the camera and took a picture of my *** covered ****. He kissed me, before helping me wipe his *** off my ****.

“I know why they say ***** have bad knees”, I joked as he helped me to my feet. My knees were all scraped, but it was so worth it. I couldn’t believe how much of a turn on it was just being naked in public as James took pictures, let alone having such a mind blowing ****** and having him shoot his hot *** all over me. That’s an experience I definitely have to try again!
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Dec 10, 2012