Fingered On The Bus

Recently James and I went for a nice day out for our one year anniversary. He had an assessment at Uni and had to dress up in a suit for it. He looked so hot. Whenever I see him in a suit, it makes me horny. It's all I can do to stop myself from ripping his shirt off and exposing his sexy toned body. It's especially hard when we’re out in public and I’ve got to refrain from touching him or kissing him passionately.

We had to catch a train and there was track work, so we had to change to catch a bus. I was wearing this hot little dress that zipped down at the front and was quite short short. It showed off my boobs quite nicely, he loved it of course, which made me feel sexier.

We avoided the crowded bus and were lucky to get on one that was quite empty. We should have gone to the back, but thinking it'd get packed, we got two seats at the front so we could exit easily when we arrived at our destination. When we realized no one was sitting at the back, it was too late. It would have looked too suspicious to move to the back when the bus was moving.

I was quite worked up as he had been teasing my nipples while we were waiting for the train at another station. As he had done then, James put his suit jacket around me because I was cold. He had one arm around me and the other started making its way to my zip, pulling it down and exposing my boobs. I could tell where this was going and I wasn't going to stop him.

He played with my nipples as I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself. I was glad his coat was covering me. His hands slipped under my dress and moved my red panties to the side, and started playing with my ****. It felt amazing, especially considering we were on the bus in front of other people. He knows exactly what to do and where my **** is, so he started coating it with my juices and rubbed me, making me moan.

“Take your panties off babe,” he suggested.

I was going to refuse for a second, but I was too horny to care, I wanted more, and no one could see anyway. I slid down on the seat a little, pulled my dress up and hiked my fingers under my panties and discretely slipped them off and put them into my pocket. I then put one leg on top of his so I was spread a little more, offering him more room to work with.

We were on the bus for about 20 minutes, and he teased me the whole time. He played with my **** for what seemed like hours, before shifting slightly and sliding a finger inside me.

One thing about me is I moan a lot. My boyfriend loves it, but I can get very loud. I also hate it when we're in public because I want to moan but I can't, its torture holding it in. I struggled to keep quiet. I was having a hard enough time trying not to moan while he was playing with my sensitive **** and swollen ***** lips, but when he slid his finger inside me, I let out a soft moan. I buried my face in his shoulder and concentrated on making sure I didn’t moan too loud in ecstasy.

He just pretended like nothing was wrong, softly kissing my cheeks, one arm around me, one arm at work on my (by then) wet *****. When he slid a finger inside, I just wanted him to make me ****** right there, but he wouldn't, he wanted me to wait.

I was very wet as he fingered me for a good 5-10 minutes. It was frustrating because while I was enjoying having his finger inside me, working my ***** out slowly, it wasn’t fast enough. I needed him to finger me faster and harder so I could ***, but he wanted to make me last. I loved every second of it, though he was being so very cruel.

It felt so erotic to have no panties out in public like that. I loved the feeling of my dress riding up and my legs spread for James. If it wasn’t for his jacket, my shaved ***** would have been exposed to everyone and that’s what made it so exiting. Not only was it a struggle to not moan and let everyone know how wonderful it felt to have his fingers inside me but the possibility of his jacket slipping and being exposed to everyone was both exciting and nerve racking.

Anyway, we got near the stop and I had to stop him one because I was scared people could see when we stopped at the traffic lights, and two, I was soaked and was scared there would be a wet patch at the back of my dress.

I felt sorry for him, he was hard the whole time, but I couldn't do anything about that even though I wanted to. He loved the fact I took my panties off right there on the bus and so did I. It felt so free and very naughty. I wish we had moved to the back so I could have spread completely for him and he could have got my **** out and played with them some more. I would have loved to have him finger me until he made me squirt right there on the bus.
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Dec 10, 2012