Showing And Sharing!

It seems like I was never too shy about my ****. At least, not around other kids. I thought nothing of flopping it out to pee, then just flopping it out to show to other boys and a few girls.  As I learned to ******* and started *******, I truly enjoyed showing off for other kids!

As I got a little older, I took every opportunity to show my **** or be totally naked, if possible.  As a young adult, our group would occasionally go skinny-dipping, so I got to show off everything, albeit with a soft **** most of the time - darn it!  Not all of our messing around like that had anything to do with sex; at least not until later when we were back to our blankets!

Whenever possible throughout my life, I'd be nude at home or anywhere else it was possible.  My first wife and I had friends with a place in the country where we could sunbathe nude, even with their three boys at home.  They were routinely naked at home.  The kids thought it was cool to have someone other than their parents naked at their home.  The only "problem" I had with the boys is that they liked to pull each other's **** in play, so they tugged on mine occasionally, too!  They didn't do it as a sexual thing, but because they stuck out and it was just fun!

Later yet in life when my current wife and I got together, we stayed naked at home most of the time and started going to nudist resorts for social nudity.  Our home was private enough we could be nude outdoors, so friends enjoyed being nude in and around our hot tub with us.  More chances for me to show off my ****!

Whatever my situation over the years, I'd enjoy wearing shorts that might show more than just a bulge.  I'd sit so my **** and balls could be seen up the leg of my shorts.  You name it and I'd probably try it at least once!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

So dude, do you have a big one? My brother Robbie has a huge one and pulls it out all the time. Just wonderin. Mine isn't as big as Robbie's but I hang naked a lot myself. Just curious why people like showin it.

I play with my **** quite a lot every day. Being nude most of the time, it's real convenient to hold it and tug on it just for fun. My **** is 3'-4" when soft and grows to 8" long and 6" around at full excitement. I guess I like showing my **** because of the taboo nature of such things in our society. It's sad that we aren't as open as we should be about nudity in general.