I Like The Opportunity To Communicate With People All Over The World.

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Experience Project is a free social networking website of passion-based online communities premised on connecting people through shared life experiences. With an interactive, user-submitted network of personal stories, confessions, blogs, groups, photos, and videos, the company has collected over 3.5 million real-life experiences as of November 2009. Users can join communities organized around experiences and passions and view shared experiences organized by city and region to connect and interact with people other people who share their interests, passions and experiences.

Experience Project is an online community premised on connecting members who share similar life experiences. The nodes of the network are life experiences, such as battling depression or surviving a divorce. Members who list experiences in common are connected, paralleling the 'friends' concept of traditional social networks. The site emphasizes anonymity to promote conversations unhindered by fear of recognition or embarrassment, going so far as to forbid the use of real names[1]. Introduced publicly in October 2006, the site features members sharing stories about their life experiences, within the context of groups. As members share experiences, they are linked with others who have those experiences in common. Themes of the site include the concepts of 'You are not Alone' and 'Discover New People Like You.' The site is characterized by frank discussions of a genuine nature, which in the extreme case has members claiming that the site saved their life[2].

Other features of the site include blogs, trivia games for helping animals, confessions, surveys, mood and wellness journaling, and a search engine that matches a mood to a particular song.

Experience Project was started by Armen Berjikly in late 2004. After a close friend's diagnosis with multiple sclerosis Berjikly created This is MS, an online community for MS patients and caregivers focused on inspiring hope in patients through knowledge of current research. As This is MS grew, Berjikly identified that the key benefit to patients was not the editorialized content, but the relationships that formed between people who understood each other through the shared experience of being afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Experience Project extended the ability to connect with people who understood each other to all experiences, and thus, all people. 


Thank you Armen Berjikly


ExperienceProject.com CEO and founder Armen Berjikly is interviewed on ABC's The View from the Bay. 

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I like it as well, I feel a lot more free to open up and share on here, and it has made me more open as a person.

Only discovered EP a few months ago find it fascinating.

I love Ep and have been here since right after then beginning.