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Men Wearing Bra

i like wearing bras and wear it daily with out fear. that is really intresting. experience this!!
pussyman71 pussyman71 41-45, M 35 Responses Oct 23, 2011

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I am 68 years old and have always loved the feel of a bra, I just the other day purchased a 46 dd bra from Dillards.
Took seal a meal and put the same amount of water as a dd cup and sealed up they weight about 4 1/2 pounds each.
I put in microwave to heat up and they feel and bonce great.
I only get to wear about 2 time a month while wife is gone, would like to purchase a 46 a cup and wear all the time, It just feels great and love the weight and tug on my chest and shoulders.

I have, and love it. My C-cup boobies are a real treat.

Yes 38 c cup love the bounce

I understand how you feel. Since I tried a bra for the first time some years ago I am hooked. I love to feel the bra with my cups filled, the slight bounce wiht every step.

I love my boobies and where a bra every day, and sleep in a leisure bra. I love the weight and feel of my C-cup beauties and feel an inner sense of satisfaction when I touch them. I put on my first bra at 15 and had wanted real boobs most of my life.

i a male and i like wear bra and panty.

As a male that has always wanted boobs, I finally started estrogen to fill my bras with more then just stuffing. Now years later after growing to an A cup, I got implants to bring them up to a full B cup. It is so great to fill out a bra with just tittie. Of cource I wear a bra and panties now ever day under my male clothing.

Hi ... You're not alone! I also got implants, twice. First to a B-Cup, then later to a D-Cup, and I've had those "girls" for over 25 years now. I also wear size 11 panties every day under my male clothing ... Looks like we're truly kindred spirits!

It signed "me" ... My name is Roberto, NH USA.

Did you have your implants done in New Hampshire?

No ... It was a long time ago. At that time I was living in Phoenix, Arizona, and I had the implants done in Long Beach, California. But I know there are place in New Hampshire where that can be done ... As well as many, many places down South in Massachusetts.

Many times I have thought about going up to a D or DD, but my wife always says, am I sure I want that big of a boob. I wear a 38B bra all the time, and wwhen I have to I came hide them pretty well with tight sports bra. I also wear a 8 panty.. It is nice that we both wear the same size. I can just grab off the top of the pile. I started growing boob 13 years ago. Now that I have them I only wish that I had started out earlier in life,

Good for you! And kudos to your wife for being so open and "real" about it all. How would you "go up to a D or DD" ... More growth, or implants?

They have grown as far as they will on estrogen. Even then they only got a A cup an dthat was it. I now have small implants that brought me up to a B cup. I would have to have the present implants removed and bigger ones put in. I have to give bigger ones a lot of thought however.

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I too regularly wear bras and panties under my clothes. Love the way they gently push my breasts up and the feel of the lace, I am a 38 C and a bra gives me a nice cleavage which I can view down the front of my shirt feels and looks so good

my girls are 36a for real and i wear womans cloths everyday in fact all my cloths are womans I've been a girl ever since I can remember my breasts started growing when I was 12 I accept myself as a woman and so does my wife Tina Pantieplayer

Wearing a bra turns me on!

I'm 70, wear a bra every day and do it because I love the feel of it! There is nothing like the hug of the bra band and the tug of the straps as my body moves. My breasts are not so large that I must wear a bra: It just makes me feel so feminine!!!

I also love to wear a bra sometimes. I love looking down at my bust, makes me feel really girlie x

I wore a bra to work one day, that was scary and fun

i was roaming around in one of the supermarkets today wearing bra and ladies wear and enjoyed it. Dont be scared this happens for the first time and then you will be used to it. Try it

I, too am retired, but I have a part time job, but I still wear a bra and panties under my work clothes. I am required to wear a uniform shirt that is made of a heavy cotton and is not see through, so wearing a bra is not a problem, although I still wear a undershirt or a cami...My bra is the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night...once in a while I will sleep in a bra...L LOVE my BRAS!!!

I too share your experience. I wear a bra daily. I love the feel of the straps on my shoulders and the side panels pressing gently inwards.
Lovely feelings.

i am transgendered and have worn bras and hose all my life.i started taking harmones when i was 45 yrrs. old,my breasts grew to 48c"s and are still therre even though i don't take harmones anymord. i live as a woman except when i work,but still wear bra panties,and hose under my uniform.


I love to wear a bra and I do when ever I can!

i love it too!!!! i have a couple of bras and bikinis, one of which is a padded polka dot bra. i wear a 36B.

I am an older gentlemen with a condition that has resulted in the development of high levels of female hormones. I'm married, lead a normal life, but I have very wide hips, a large round rear end, and very large breasts. For a number of years, I have been wearing bras, panties, girdles, and pantyhose. My nature bra size is 42DD, I wear size 10 panties, and size 2X girdles. During the summer, I wear a womens bathing suit.These garments are very healthy for me to wear, and give me the support I need. This particular condition well affect 1 in 2600 men, many who have this condition, but don't know it because they are very over wieght. If you have this condition see your doctor, and instead of costly surgery (sometimes not covered by health insurance), wear women's under garments. Don't be embarrased, it's natural for you, it doesn't threaten your manhood, and with the support of your partner, it can actually be a lot of fun.

i wish i had your problem!

Hi there Lecram I too like you am a older but single mature male who is now in my mid 70's and just like you I have also have that medical condition that affects 1 in 2600 men its called Kleinfelders Syndrome a cromazone imbalance along plus I also have both giganticomastia and VBH which are both hyper growth conditions which has since the onset of puberty which happened in my case just two months before my 7th birthday to develope very very large female like breasts and very very wide hips and a large rear end plus very thick thighs and calves. My measurements are bust 86" VVVV cup, waist 38" inches and hips 86" inches. I've been lucky in so much that I have always had an very full hourglass figure my hole life.I now stand 5'12" tall So I have ended up living and dressing full time as a female since childhood since I realized that it was just an easier thing to do than rather to try and fight it all plus they give me the proper support that I need to. By the time I was 7 yrs old I was already standing 5'6" tall and wearing a 46"DDD cup bra with a 36" inch waist and had 46" inch hips and wore size 16 panties and 3X girdles along with queen sized pantyhose and stockings and women's size 9 shoes . I too have always like to go swimming and have quiet a large selection of women's onepiece bathing suits. Their is no medical cure for what I have and was told quiet early on that sort of breast reduction surgery too wasn't an option as because of my condition I would only re-develope it all back again and possibly end up even bigger than before I had the surgery. I am excepted by everyone who both see's me and meets me as a female. You are very lucky to have such an understanding partener and family in your life.

I wear a bra daily and love it, wear panties too

I love to wear a bra too.

Reading you stories about wearing your bras I had to get mine on and it feels great.

join the Men Wear Bras Forum at it's a fun and informative website.

I started wearing a bra for chest support, while at work, five years ago. This made me feel so much better that I now wear a bra all the time. The only problem is finding bras that fit good.

Go to a J.C. Penny store, a Vctrias Secrets or a Lane Bryant store all will do a bra fitting on bra wearing men . be Honest and tell the SA that you are shopping for yourself. ask a lot of questions and be open are more likely to be fitted for their bras than the ladies are

Thank you for the tips Serinalynn.

i find any size on ebay check it out

Also on MWB, they have live chat with like males that wear bras

also a MWB member

I am also on MWB.

Thanks all of u. I use a simple formula for increasing my bra size. wear it all the time the bra size will increase by itself.

I m 15, i hv been wearing my sisters bra nd panties! I luv to wear them nd watch my self in the miror, i like the tights straps of bra over my shoulders nd my back ! I also wear women undrwear nd wear women cloths nd makeup my self! I m 15 yrs old now! Nd i told it to my cousine who is 16 nd to my surprise i knew tht he was also a cross dresser! Nd i luv it when he touches me ,especially when he touches my boobs covered with bra, nd my back ! Nd he strips me nd when he huggs me nd kisses me on my lips!

Hear hear Serina, MWB is a wonderfully friendly site that I am glad to have found about 18 months ago.

I am on that site too. I love to wear a bra!

You men bra wearers need to Join The Men Wear Bras Forum at You men bra wearers must have some great stories to tell. we'd love to read your stories. Several hunderd daily men bra wearers on this great site. Join today

neat site,thank you

I am on that site too.

I have taken estrogen to grow breast. They got to a A cup but wnated an B cup. 250cc implants in each side did the job. Now I wear a bra all the time and fill it out completely.