The First Bra..

I ever tried on was my wife's. She had one that really turned me on and one morning after she left for work I went over to the top drawer and pulled it out and stared at it and then managed to hook it and slide the straps over my shoulders. I thought why haven't I done this before. I had been wearing her panties and swimsuits already. So I took the opportunity to go all out. Panty, hose, bra, full slip,and finally a dress. I walked around the house all morning that way; time sure seemed like it flew by. I spent many mornings after that waiting for her to leave so I could have some playtime.
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Sounds lovely! Enjoy!


Why don't you take female hormones to increase the size of your breasts.They will increase to real female size breasts so you can wear bras to support them.

Are the hormones perscribtion whats the name

My first bra was when I was 6 or 7 & my sister's would dress me up like a Barbi doll Secretly I loved it & I have loved it ever since ! I love it all bra's panties slips camisoles all things feminine The joy of it under my work shirts is soo great & I go out shopping for what ever I want to add to my collection!

I had the same experiance only it was my friends sister and her girlfriend that dressed me up I used to play dolls with them I was always just one of the girls and fell in love puppy style with her brother and had my first sex with him Then I knew I was really a girlin a boys body Tina


I liked my x wife's lingerie to. I remember getting antsy waiting for her to leave the house so I could get dressed


Ya'll are so awesome with the responses! I get the feeling ya'll feel at home here and not worried about judgment. Congrats to my bra loving friends. I finally broke down and got a bra from Wacoal. All I can say is ...........awesome!

I was about 10-11 years old and my parents went out for the evening. Being curious, I went through Mom's dresser drawer, found a bra and tried it on. I really felt good, but the cups were empty, so I put tennis balls in the cups. I just loved the way I looked with a t shirt on! I have been "hooked " ever since, although the tennic balls have long ago been replaced by first some water baloons then stockings filled with rice and finally I sprung for some real silicone breastforms! Life is great. It is now more than 55 years later!

My first bra was not a big deal. I wore it as part of a high school gag with some friends. Since that time I have worn bras over the years for pleasure but always hidden from others. My ex-wife never approved. However, I am re-married now and was open with my wife from the beginning about my desires, which she accepted. The first time I wore a bra in front of her was incredibly liberating. I thought she would laugh but she did not. She told me she loved me and that it was just part of who I am and she loves all of me. Holy crap! I enjoy wearing my own bras around her often now including when I sleep. I am truly blessed.


i had tried on my moms from the time i was 11 till i was about 13 or so. it felt sooooo good!!

this was many years ago and mom was older she also had girdles and garters that i tried on as well as panties. they all felt good!

Did she know or even help?

no but i wish she had


You lucky gurl! <br />
Do she help you by adjusting yur **** in the bra?

No. But she was surprised that I knew how to do it myself. I told her I had a few years to learn how to do that


Of cource the first bra was my mothers when I was around 12. After that I would wear one when I thought that I could without getting caught. I wanted to wear one in the worst way around the wife, but didn't know how she would take it. One day I asked her if I could try on one of her bras just to see what it felt like. She looked at me and said, why didn't I wear one of my own around her. She knew that I had some hidden, and she was okay with me wearing in front of her. She said however if I wore a bra that I would need to wear panties also. I though that I had died and gone to heaven. Needless to say that I have worn a bra and panties all the time since.

I did that once. She came back home unexpectedly and man did I get punished. Nor for wearing a bra but for wearing hers without asking first. I did not sit comfortably for two days.

just a matter of being politically correct at the office. <br />
Some of the other girls may get envious of my big ****!!!

DanyaKay why donĀ“t you wear a bra more often? talk to your wife. Nothing wrong with a man wearing a bra.

Great comments.<br />
I love my longlines, wide satiny straps, sling engineered cup design, terrific boning.<br />
I enjoy the overlap over my girdles.<br />
I use inserts, silicone filled.<br />
I have a posture bra, not a longline and it really shouts at me to stand more erectly.<br />
I prefer the wider the back the better.<br />
Will requaest the back rub while wearing the bra! Great suggestion!

Great feeling isn't it! I just love the feel of a tight bra holding my **** and squeezing my nipples thru the lacy bra. Have you progressed to wearing a bra around the wife? Maybe hard to cross over that line but I did it with a old full support bra of her's saying it gave me support for my upper back pain. <br />
Even got her to rub the back while wearing it. second phase was a smaller back strapped bra as I told her the big full back straps was cutting into me. Now I wear them around her all the time and cannot wait to get home from work to wear my bras to "help my back pains".