Sister Made Me Wear Bra When 12

My 17 yr old sister made me wear my first bra when I was 12. We were home alone one weekend while parents had gone to visit friends. It was hot night in Indy and sis had just taken a shower and came into TV family room wearing only her panties and bra drinking a coke. As she sat down she saw my mouth open and wide eye stare. "Oh get past it," she said as she got comfortable and looked at he TV. "It's too ******* hot and humid for more clothes and you've see me in my bikini before so this is about like it!" Yes, I had but her sheer pushup bra holding her lovely 38Cs and lacy black panties were giving me more thrill than her red bikini!
I had been wearing her panties from the dirty clothes hamper for the past year but had only started admiring her new group of bras as her **** had really grown the past few months! About 5 min later she saw me starting again and said, it this really a problem for you? yes it was a I was getting a big hard on but was oddly quick enough to reply, "no, I was just wondering if that bra is painful to wear the way it's pushing up your ****. I hadn't seen it before. Is it new?" She gave me a smile and said, " yes it is new now that you've noticed and no it doesn't hurt."   I replied -- sure looks like it does squeezing them so tight." Ok, let me prove it she said and grabbed my hand pulling me off the sofa. We went to her room and she said take off your shirt and let me show you. Then she opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a lovely black lacy bra. "this is one of my old ones so put it on and see how great it feels." Not me I said that's girl's stuff but really I could not wait to put it on. Let me help you she said and before I knew it the bra was around me and she was hooking the back. She turned me around and then adjusted my **** in the bra cups. I was in heaven and my **** getting harder. OK, so how's it feel she said, does it hurt? No I relpied. Good she said, now lets go back out and watch some TV and you can quit buggen me! Keep that bra on and see how it feels the rest of the evening. I was loving it and after about an hour after the first movie ended she asked now it felt. OK I replied. Great she said, you keep that one and I'll give you some more of my older ones later. I know you've been wanting to wear them along with my panties that you take out of the hamper! I'll even give you some of my old panties so you'll have your own! I had just been busted but was too high to care! The next day she had me in her room to show me a corner of her dresser that she reserved for MY panties and bras. Wear these whenever you want but don't take my good ones. And so it started me wearing bras and panties that I still love today!  In the following weeks we would dress up together in our bra and panties whenthe parents were gone and I enjoyed our girl time together!
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One of my sisters have me three of her old bras when I was 12. She showed me how to adjust the first one to fit comfortably and then she had me adjust another one while wearing it. She gave me more bra's and other clothes she had grown out of over the following few years . She was and is very comfortable with me as another woman.

I wish I had a sister that would be that nice to me or had a sister at all but I mean I still love to have the thrill of wearing a bra or even shopping for a bra!!

A sister of pure gold!

I was 15 and she was 17 when she caught me wearing a pair of her panties. I was ready to drop dead, when she said that I looked cute in her panties, and she would like to see wearing a bra also I told her that I never tried one on before, but had always wanted to try it. Our parents where gone for the day, so we went to her bedroom and she ******** down to her panties and bra, so we would both be dressed a like. Oh what a thrill it was to me. I could not hold myself back, and started to *** in my panties. When she saw that she said Oh my god. Is that what it looks like ? She started to *** in her panties also. After she said, well lets get out of these and into a clean pair. That was the first time that I saw a bare *****. After that just about every time out parents where gone for a while, she would get me a bra and panties to put on, and we would both ********** until we would ***. She got married about 3 years later, but after all these years, she will still buy me a bra and panties ever so offen, and the the next time we meet she will feel for the bra strap when we hug. We are still very close together.

Yes....Big Sister are nice!!!!

Hi Thanks for sharing and U did score with your sister , not to mention the bras and panties she gave u after making sure they fit U honey.

I got caught the same way , by leaving telltale ***** stains in the places girls dont
leave stains . I was made to promise not to wear my teen sisters lingerie any more so

about 3 weeks later my mom caught me in her Playtex bra and girdle and slip admiring myself and my big erection in the mirror .

A week later she presented me with my own first bra pantygirdle and slip .

Your sister is great! How did she know you were wearing her panties from the hamper?

I had wondered about that too so I asked her one day. She said all her panties were dirty one day so she went to hamper to find the cleanest dirty one. It was odd that all her panties were bunched together vs layered in the dirty pile. She said it puzzeled her until she noticed I was spending long time in bathroom and after I left in later days her panties were again bunched together. and see saw my *** stains high in the front. Busted!
Lesson for other panty wearers -- don't bunch them together and watch leaving those *** stains!!!

I wish I had a sister, especially when I was younger