Breeding Rack

This afternoon Ann climbed onto our newest toy, the Breeding Rack. After she found a comfortable position (face down) I placed her legs on the leg supports and secured them. Earlier she had taken a couple of enemas & execised her butt plug. Placing her in position for anal I sucked her ***** and stimulated her G spot long enough to induce he to jump in the Rack. I sprayed lube onto her *** hole, my ****, and held her hole open, injecting some warm lube within. At that point she groaned. I can only imagine the feeling.

Inserting 2 digits into her *** hole, I worked them in & out & all around within her. So much juice was coming from her *****, if I didn't know better, one would think she was already a ********. Her beautiful as sticking up, I just had to slap her buttocks a few times. She has such beautiful buttocks & calves that sometimes I just nibble on them until she hollers "uncle".

Stepping into position with **** in hand, I placed the crown on her rose bud and applied VERY slight, gentle inward pressure. OH YES she said. Firmly gripping her waist, I pushed another millimeter of manhood into her already-pulsing anal muscle. She was tending to move around some. "A LITTLE MORE" she instructed me. I pushed more in & looked at my ***** realizing I hadn't inserted as much as I thought. I pushed a couple more inches in. My balls were still no close to slapping her *****. Something caused me to finish penetration and fully seat my ***** within her bowels. Letting it soak for a moment, I gave a couple more short, but strong jabs in her. At that moment, she was having one of her squirting **** as I could hear the liquid falling into the container attached to the Rack for this purpose. Relaxing my grip of her, she started moving. I placed one hand on the small of her back to settle her down and gave her buttocks a couple more slaps with me free hand.

I stroked in & out as her muscle kept up it's grip on my *****. At the second of her strongest grip, I usually just have to stop where I am in the stroke. As it releases, I resume my stroking. I pulled back and started ramming into her, making many short, strong strokes. Then pull way back, and repeat the movement. It usually helps her to reach a plateau if I am able to keep up the motion for an extended time.

We have not used this new toy very long so this is a somewhat new method of indulging in an old activity. This may have been what was producing regular ******* within her. Thank goodness the container into which her squirts fall sounded like it was accumulating.

I was ******* into her hard, deep, & long enduring. I could feel it building within me. That was it. I BLASTED in her. Thank heavens there was no end of space to accomodate all my gooo. After cuming & dismounting her, I released the restraints on her legs thinking she would jump off & run to the bathroom. WRONG! She laid there for a while. I helped her of the Rack and we both went ot the shower. There's another story (the shower.)

2 Happy Endings!
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Like the others I would love to see a picture or example of the rack.<br />
<br />
I'm always looking for ideas of furniture and toys for my wife.

Would love to get any drawings or plans you have for building your device