Negociations (True Experience)

My wife and I have been discussing trying "new things", for several months now. I''ve almost got her convinced to allow another to join us, which she is interested in, but still afraid to let happen.
Last night we went out to run errands and stopped by a local shopping mall. She went into the lingerie store and tried on several different outfits, but refused to let me see her in them. She said they had to remain a surprise.
After shopping we went out to look for something to eat outside along the malls restaurant row. While driving around we saw an adult speciality store. I pointed it out, and she said let's go.
We went in and were the only ones there. We looked at many items and spoke openly to the clerk, who was a rather odd female. Nothing impressive about her. She was however extremely open, telling my wife what toys she liked and why.
While in the store I noticed a small room in the back corner that was open. Inside was a cloth covered chair, and a love seat on the opposite side. All three walls had large mirrors on them. I pointed this room out to my wife who looked inside. She immediately said "right", I bet those mirrors are two way to record what ever occurs within. We had a good laugh about the set up and moved on. We did not purchase anything and left to eat.
We located a restaurant a few blocks away and went inside to eat. During the entire meal we spoke about the store and our future adventures. As we paid for our meal, my wife asked to return the the store. She wanted to purchase something after all.
We returned to the store and again were the only customers. The clerk again spoke openly to my wife about several items. My wife settled on a small wip, and item that she said excited her after reading the 50 Shades books.
As we continued to look around, three mature females walked in and began looking at the merchandise. All three were dressed to the nines, obviously out for ladies night. I watched them for awhile, long enough for my wife to notice and say, "easy tiger", to me as we began to make our purchase.
We bought our wip and as we exited the door, we came face to face with two 18-19 year old males. They were entering as we were exiting and held the door for us. As my wife walked through they both stared openly at her as she went by.
We got in a car and started home. You could have cut the sexual tension with a knife. Half way home my wife started to undress in the car. I played with her as we drove home.
Once at home we immediately went inside and she changed into something "new". We had amazing sex. She begged for me to spank her with the wip. I was amazed at how arroused she was.
Afterwards she said that she wanted to go back to the store to do some more shopping. She blew me away when she said that next time she wants to see if we can use the "sample room". I ask about the mirrors and the clerk. My wife said that they could record anything they wanted. I said something about the other customers. She said that she would have the clerk stand guard at the door, so that she could watch -us and for someone coming inside. Then she blew me away, when she said she wanted to try the "Male of Steel". It was an 11" plastic ****. My wife she that is if I was Ok with her trying something in the store. "Of course", I said. She said "good maybe the clerk will show me how to use it". That sent my head spinning. My wife stood up and looked right at me. Starring right at me she said, "No, maybe I''ll get her (the clerk), to let someone else help me". With alittle smirk she said that the two young men could have made things really interesting.
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6 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I am trying to get my wife to be more open with no luck. Perhaps this story will help. Please add me, maybe following your stories will encourage her. Thanks for sharing.

Hot story....I hope you took her bad the next night..

Wow, that's hot that you two are exploring and experimenting together! I find it very hot for a wife to want to have other lovers! keep us up to date on your progress!


Haven't been back yet... but have been talking about going again. Hope she's willing to go further..

Wow! That's nice! What happened next?