Madness In Our Country

I like to do a lot of thinking at times. I sit back and watch as our country England is going to the dogs. i see how the government fails time and time again how the police fail even harder and how the law sides with criminals or so it seems.

most things in this story are hypothetical things i would never do but i think about and some times put two and two together and come up with and they are mainly theorys . Exploits that could work but i will never know because i would not risk putting myself in that situation.

As i say the law sides with criminals or they are very lenient. 

I see criminals online who learn and plan to do things like shop lift. I see amatures fail and professionals get away with it. Mainly i read the storys that are happening in america. People get punished for stealing in america.

But there in the uk people who steal get a slap on the wrist and get told not to do it again. The only time some one would get seriously done for stealing if it is stealing from our government "stealing their money" like is some one was to rob a post office "since its government money" a person would get a worse punishment then a criminal who mugged a old lady and took all of her money.

I guess my point is to point out that most of the time the law goes easy on criminals.

I look around me and i notice things exploits and possible out comes of these exploits. My problem is i love to learn i have a thirst for knowledge.

I walk in to a supermarket and any normal person would be looking around seeing what they could buy or get what they need or want
but me i look at the security in the shop and i see ways around it. I learn ways around it like the security tags can easily be defeated if you are willing to invest a little cash to buy tools of the trade.

I could easily walk in to a store pick up a £50 set of head phones remove the tag in seconds disgard it and walk out. But i would rahter buy them then lift them.

yes shops have cctv but not everywhere.

Shops spend a lot of time securing their store and products but in the bathrooms would be the last place they would expect a theft to take place.
In most super stores these days in the bathroom are condom machines and believe it or not a lot of money go in them each week.
the locks that are used are called tubular locks they are little round locks that are found on most vending machines
these are the easiest locks to pick in the histroy of locks. You can easily buy a tubular lock pick for the job
which opens these type of locks like the original key does and when you have picked it you can decode the key conbination and get a spare key cut from the lock picking device so if you wanted to return to open the vending machine and empty it of its money or contents you could.

The easiest place to pull this kind of thing off and come away with a lot of money are colleges or universities. Most do not have cctv and the security is low there. Several places like this i know of you can walk in there unchallanged hide on compus do it near closing time
there are a ton of locks in there from vending machines "to walk out with cash" to shops that leave their float in the tills over night
and plenty of valuables including apple mac computers and laptops which are locked with with either cheap padlocks or tubular security locks which can be picked.

once your locked in the building for the night take a few supplies to last you until the morning and walk out there with all the money
or if you wanted to take valuables like the computer systems just pick a lock to get out of the building.

You would think most of these places would have bugular alarms? yeah right. Most places of education i know of just have a fire alarm
since they are open most of the year and have big gates that lock at night they do not have burglar alarms.

you could walk out with a £1000 apple system a £500 laptop , all sorts.

I believe security is as strong as a person and if a person puts their faith in a crap piece of security like some lock which can be picked in no time at all then they are leaving it open to be hit but some one who knows what they are doing.

some people would say lock picking is hard but even my 70 year old friend who had never picked a lock before could do it. Most youthes these days on youtube can do to it. If you have the time and the money and the patients for it you can get good and master lock picking.

I admit i learned to pick locks but as a innocent hobby. My friend and i would share locks with on another and buy new locks and just see who could pick them and how to pick them. one day i was at a boot sale and they had a front door lock there for 50p and i managed to pick that in under a min.

bypass tools are fun to "not bump keys they are kind of pathetic and to me a waste of money".

i have the knowledge and know how to be a criminal my knowledge is not limited to stealing and picking locks and planning things down to a "T"
and doing it like clock work i have other skills using computers and one day they nearly landed me in deep ****.

It was a time where i got in to the computers at uni and got in to net novel and managed to gain admin access to most of their computer systems
i used a live distro to dump the login details. Their weakness was allowing booting from usb drive.

once i was in i planted a backdoor. My mistake was when i remotely accessed their systems it shows you the novel login screen was entering my student login details "which i did not know where monitored by the real admin. no one checked the log files until the teacher saw me hacking one of the macs i was using to try and gain admin access so i could plant a backdoor in that also. Because i had the terminal window open and typing code in to it after pressing certain buttons on boot of the mac the terminal i was in was hard to shut down and get out of and the teacher walked in saw me and pulled me up on it.

he reported the incident and the uni came down on hard. i was banned for several weeks until a hearing before the head of the uni.
they could actualy prove that i had hacked their systems but they could prove i was logged in on their systems after hours
they said if i admit it they would let me come back to uni they said that if i fight this and appeal gainst it  that they would make it hard for me to come back.

they said if it was up to the i.t department they would have called the police.
But the police would do jack all because the police have not many computer experts and they would not catch a hacker if there was one standing there waving at them.

computer crime is not the strongest point of the police in england.

I know this because the info came straight from the horses mouth "the police"

watch out for my next story in this type of subject

sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
Jul 23, 2010