Bmx + Payphone + Speed = Money

I remember the time i was teenager and i was going fast on my bmx i was heading to the pay phone to make some calles "before mobile phones where affordable" and i did not pull the brakes fast enought and Smack right in to the back of the payphone i did crash
now i do not know how or what caused it to happen but quite a good ammount of money came out of the payphone £14.50 and when your 13 and you find a few quid like that well it kind of puts a smile on your face.

i dont know if it was the force of my slamming in to the back of it or some stupid dumabass put £14.50 in the payphone but who in the right mind would put that ammount in a public payphone? i mean unless you where calling china it would not cost you much for a phone call.

that very same payphone i visted a few times to make prank calls my friends and i used to have a laugh back then kind of silly looking back at it but when your that age you get up to all sorts.

i guess i will never know how that money came to be in the coin slot.
sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
Jul 23, 2010