Rant About England

going back to my other story on england what comes to mind is how as a country we have 2 things to defend outselves against thugs and criminals in the case where where attacked and one of those things are our fists the other is a little gay can of spray

Yes  it lasts for up to 7 days you spray it in your attackers face and the police may be able to find the red faced criminal later on that is if he
does not lay low for a week or in the case that it happens just before halloween then he would only have to hide out for 6 days because "its halloween" who is going to take much motice of a red faced man on halloween?.

Either way your attacker will be pist off with you and possibly come after you even more for ******* him off by spraying red ink all over his face like your training to be some kind of face painter at a circus "another unhappy customer".

When we live in a country that lets you use this good spray legally to defend yourself what is going to deter criminals from attacking you and taking your wallet or from doing something else unthinkable.

if some thug came up to you threatened you and took your wallet and then you run after them and used some kind of self defense be it punching them kicking them or spray them with anything other then the gay security spray the law will be on the criminals side and you shall be punished even thought its some kind of small punishment but still.

i think if you took the security spray and took it to america on holiday and you used it on a criminal they would either ***** slap you for getting red ink on their face or shoot you for it. My point is how is ink in a spray can supposed to keep you safe?.

if our police took this spray with them instead of cs gas and or their battons and they where being attacked i would like to see how the spray actually helped them walk away.

the other thing that sucks about english is how they let crimianls from other countrys in here "like rapists" thieves ,muggers and they give them money ,a nice place to live treat them better then any uk born citizen and give them all these hand outs and let them loose on innicent by standers.

iv seen it so many times on the news "mohamed the imigrant who was convicted for sex attacks in his country was let in to our country given welfare a nice place to live and went out and attacked a woman.

"another not so long ago was let in here and he defrauded the government for over 50k" he took on other peoples identitys and used them to claim welfare and passports.

Why do the government not do background checks on anyone who comes here to live?. Makes sense right?.

the other thing i shall rant on about is all these new laws they love to put in place to make money from the people.

No smoking in public "Bam a £50 fine" going over by 5 mins on your parking bam another fine and if you dare stand up and fight it they charge you more.

I can understand the whole smoking in public but out in the open train platforms? yeah that is putting people in great danger of being out in the ride open with lots of fresh air and the vast amount of space. I can see their logic "not"

what i do not get the most is if some one stands up to the authority and knows the law they back back and leave you alone.
i was a activist back when the smoking ban came in to force

they kept on and on and on about how you must not break the law by smoking in public "fair enough" but the fine is what got me. So i went out there armed with hidden camera i filmed myself breaking the law smoking in certain public places where once smoking was legal.

i was told that if i continued i owuld be fined but i argued the legality of the smoking ban. The local news picked up on it and there was all the evidence they needed to take me to court and fine me for smoking in public. They even said to the news paper that they would be coming after me for breaking the law but they never did because i made it perfectly clear that if it went to court i would prove that the smoking ban was not legal and a violation of european law.

half the time these people " councils ,police , government do not have a leg to stand on and do you know why they manage to get you in the end? Believe it or not it is because you let them or do not know how to argue a case.

you can get the best solicitor or legal aid and chances are the solicitor has his hands in the pocket of the government and if he or she promised to be a good solicitor he will go far in his/her carear.

when i had my day i had to sack my solicitor to argue the law for myself because she refused to let me stand up in court and demand my rights be secured to me. i once was like ever tom **** and harry and never knew the law and never knew how bend the legal/justice system was.
once day i would love to invest in a new hidden camera and go undercover reporting and exploting the corruption and how it could have been avoided and how you could win and fight against them.

i guess i have a big rebel in side of me.

But at the end of the day i remain quiet because i want a quiet life now away from all this kind of crap and i just want to live my life but if i am forced to i will stand up for what is right and fight.
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Nothing wrong with standing up for your rights. Provided doing so does not infringe the rights of others.