Adult Theater

my wife took me to one last year she was wearing a jean mini skirt as soon as we set down i gott my c@@k out and started to play with it
i opend my wifes legs and started to rub her (she had no undies on) we started to get hot and before we new it we had like 4 guys around us and one sitting next to the wife,she felt unsafe so we left I have ask her many times to go again but she wont do it Now i go alone
something about being in there that turns me on
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hot i bring my wife to an AT close by our home shes 27 super hot .. love how other guys touch and fu*ck her while she is in my lap .. best experiences ever

Better off if you go alone, that way what goes on in the theaters, stays there

I go to the Adult theater quite a lot of explore and show myself off to all the guys. I do love to let them feel me all over and play with my **** nipples and *****. They can tell it really turns me on as I moan for them and finally ***. I tend to jerk and suck off all their ***** until they are all done. I am usually covered in all their ***.

Hot would like to meet you in one

turns me on too!

For sure!

wife and i go 3 to 4 times a year. she has huge boobs. as soon as our eyes get accustomed to the darkness,we find a seat and ckeck out the other patrons,once we know every thing is cool,we both remove ALL of our clothes.yes,we remove every stitch of clothing we have on.!!!!!!! by this time we usally have a number of men around us. i firmly instruct everyone its ok to watch but no touching unless we ask them to join us.we never have a problem when everyone knows what the boundries wife then usally sits on the back of the seat with her legs spread and her feet on the seat cushions as i eat her *****. as iam eating my wife ,she is encouraging everyone to also remove thier clothes.those that wont are not asked to enjoy my wifes charms.soon we are ******* in front of them,as were ******* we let several men feel up my soon as my wife has *** several times and i have deposited a load of *** in her *****,we let every one who is naked **** her **** and *** on her.only once have we let someone **** her.he was a very kind gentleman with a HUGE ****!!!!!!!!!! for the last three years he has lived with us and shares our bed every night. we LOVE when we go to adult theaters we ALL go together.

hot I like that they respect your limits

i tell you what turn you on was seeing hot hot your wife got and for you to see that she was turning on so many other men, to show that she is one hottie and is wanted by so many other men.

i had a girlfriend that love to go to the movie house and tke off her clothes and let men show there ***** to her, if she like them she would suck them ,one time she let a couple men **** her doggy there she was one hottie that love to show off.

that was the last time we did something and the next day she felt guilty

I love xxx theaters! When I was in the service, a girl that was also in was into it also (she was black and had huge boobs with thin waist). She took me and I watched so many guys feel her **** and she was one of the deepest throaters ever! We had lots of fun while we were at same place. Only did hte xxx theater once with her, but got head from her tons. She said her hubby (which was away) said her cunny was only for him and she could suck as much as she likes, sorry guy, but I got my finger up her! how did my *** taste buddy? (wish my wife was doing it right now!) more xxx theaters in the US please!!!!

ward8 - it's true that a lot of theaters have closed, but there are still some. Maybe not where you live, but I still frequent them whenever I'm near one. If you'd like to chat about them let me know. I'd be glad to turn you on to the ones nearest you.

Lots in common with the above comments myself. I usually would sit in the last row next to the wall and get completely naked except for my shoes, if there was a balcony even better as you could find an aisle to lay down in if you wanted to get ****** or 69 with another. My naked body and hard eight inches always attracted lots prospective users, unfortunately the old ***** theaters are all but extinct now.

Haven't been to one for a very long time - must go again!

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I've always thought that nudity in an adult theatre was fantastic. My wife has told me that before she met me, she had a boyfriend who frequently took her to adult theatres and ordered her to open her blouse, regardless if other men were watching, and told her to touch her breasts and ***** in front of anyone present. At first, she hated doing this, but as time went on, and nothing bad happened to her, she became more relaxed about doing it. She tells me that very often men would begin touching themselves in front of her, and then would end up touching her ****. When she initially stopped them, but when her boyfriend told her to allow it, she sat passively as the men fondled her as they wished. Several times, I have taken her to the theatre, and opened her blouse completely, letting men look at her. I do enjoy it, and obviously she has grown used to it. Good luck

I agree I love going to the adult theater. I can't wait for a couple to show up and start playing.

Love being in an adult theater.Everyone there knows why he(her) is there.<br />
The feeling of being surrounded with ***** that are hard really turns me on.<br />
Having someone watch me as I suck someone is a real torn-on.<br />
Louise CD<br />
Thanks for sharing,see you in one mmmm