Young Voyeur Turned Exhibitionist

When I was 18, I went to my first adult theater. I was always curious about what guys did in these places, so I decided to see for myself, instead of just go off of what others would tell me. I went in and noticed that the theater was packed...I was absolutely shocked to find almost everybody engaged in some kind of sex act. Men were sucking ****, ******* *** and ******* themselves furiously. *** was flying every which way, and I had never been turned on so much in my life! I stood still, watching as guy after guy spent their time ignoring the actual movie playing and focusing on getting as much *** as possible. I had a raging ***** at this point and I decided to let my **** out of the confines of my extremely tight jeans. As soon as my **** was exposed, I had a few guys waiting to work my knob. I had never had my **** sucked by a stranger, and I felt so comfortable with it. I leaned back against the wall and let the guys do as they wanted to my ****. After about ten minutes, I exploded the biggest load of *** I had ever released. I zipped up my pants and continued to watch the intense sexcapades of the scene. I must've watched guys get sucked and ****** for nearly two hours, and I got three more ******** in the process. I have never stopped going to theaters, and I never leave without unloading at least two loads of *** down a couple of guy's throats!
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I take things a step farther and take all my clothes off. Then I stand up where everyone can see me and play with myself. I love to show off and often get offers for sex.

i do love to expose my thick **** in a threatre and to see how many cumsucking come to suck on me, most the time i can get at least 3 bj there, and sometime i go to be the sucker but most time i go to be sucked.

I love adult theaters. I unfortunately do not have one near by. I did when I lived in Midwest. I miss going.

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New Eros or Ambassador?

New Eros or Ambassador?

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Yes I have seen many women in **** theaters. That is when I get hard and can't wait for the show/ join them