Eyes So Soft........

I wake slowly, becoming aware again, after a night of wonderful, so relaxing sleep. The dreamless sleep, where I wake in the same position as I fell asleep, with your arms around me.
I feel your body close to me, the warmth of skin touching skin. Without saying a word, I roll over, and see your eyes, watching over me as I have been sleeping.
Never breaking that eye contact, I lean in, gently kissing, nuzzling your half open mouth, nibbling your lower lip.

Your head is thrown back, against the pillows, mouth open, watching me, eyes so soft, yet so intense at the same time.
Nibbling on your lower lip, your eyes urge me on. The smell of your perfume is in the air.

Your body arching against me as we make love, watching your eyes grow wider, and glaze over as you climax under my body.
Eyes half closed, as you float down, catching your breath.

You have great eyes, I love watching them. So expressive, they spark and flash occasionally. Though never in anger, not at me. Your eyes sparkle when you laugh, did you know that? I love to watch you laugh, watching your eyes dance. Through your eyes, I have seen your soul.
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51-55, M
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Lucky woman!