Eye Contact Is Important

I always look people in the eye when I'm addressing them. To me, its a gesture of respect and honesty and trustworthiness. What's not to like?

....Although there are those people who excel at lying while looking at you straight in the eye...

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5 Responses May 10, 2008

i have like an eye phobia in a way. I cant look someone in the eyes longer than like five seconds at a time befor kinda feeling uncomfortable. It isnt a lack of respect, it just makes me feel uncomfortable, even with my wife. Its been like that since i can remember

Shhh! You'll jinx me! ;D

Never say never. Old people now have pimped canes ya know.. scaarry!!

LOL!<br />
Yes, I know eye contact etiquette is different among cultures. Fortunately, my habit hasn't gotten me into trouble! ;D

in my home (an island) it is also disrespectful prolong eye contact. it's like your challenging the person. an example is like when a fight is about to start and a person keeps pushing another to see how they will react. i have been scolded by my elders so i know (one usually learns a lesson when the elder yells wit a mean lookin cane on one hand).<br />
<br />
now the confusing part is that i respect my culture, but I also believe that eye contact shows honesty. and i know it means respect to you guys. <br />
<br />
so i try to be courteous of both worlds but sometimes i get so confused i end up batting my eyes really fast people look at me funny..lol