Im Doing Fine Now

i mentioned once that i love eye contact, but i avoid it for some reason thats left a mystery even to myself...
but i recently read a book, "the celestine prophecy" and at one part of it there was an interesting thing about eye contact... anyway, it says that when we get in eye contact with some person, we should probably talk to him/her... it might be that this person has a message for you, even though they dont know it...
after all, what can you lose when you ask someone something on the street? i mean, that person doesnt know you, they wont probably see you ever again, but you might leave a nice memory for someone :) beacause we rarely have eye contact with someone who might be dangeruos in any way for us...
i had a really sweet experience today.. i was drinking beer with my friend when i noticed that french guy, looking now and then to me... we had several times eye contact, he was sweet :) either way, when i was showing something to my friend i started laughing because i noticed that hes trying to read that book she was holding, but he was too far away... after a few moments he realized that i was looking at him, we kept that eye contact for a while and then he waved to me :)
i wasnt really curageous to talk to him, but he rised my self-esteem to the skies :) see, he made my day :)
i realized that its not that bad to look at someones eyes.... ill start doing it more often :))) thank you french guy :) youre sweet :)
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thank you to for your story inspirational