Such a Strong Gesture

Simple eye contact can be the most effective form of nonverbal communication. It gives us the ability to convey messages through non-linguistic means. Eye contact sends natural communicative signals, which facilitates effective communication.  Our eyes say so much... It's a very crucial aspect of communication.
It can mean so many different things. It is also an aspect of communication which can lead to cross-cultural misunderstanding, as different cultures attach different values and meanings to prolonged or lack of eye contact. Some cultures see it as a show of serious respect, attention or, interest...while others, serious disrespect.
Eye contact can convey emotion, signals and aversion. It establishes focus. There is a strong connection between eye contact and meaningful comminication - and that is intent. Maintaining eye contact with people  can reduce tension, show an image of assertion and establishes a mutual aura of respect and equality.
Eye contact can also be related to power. Eye contact is imperative to maintain a dominant and empowering role. It portrays confidence and control.
At the same time, too much eye contact can portray aggression, hostility and even anger. Maintaining a particular stare can mean a lot to someone, without muttering a word. Think of the 'death stare'. And the phrase... "If looks could kill"



jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2009