Tells You a Lot About a Person

Eye contact says several things to me - it says that the person I am talking to is open and honest; it says that they are giving me the courtesy of their attention like I would give to them; and the eyes do tell you a lot about a person, I think - how hard their life has been shows, their true emotions show - you can smile but if the smile doesn't reach the eyes - then the smile is not one born out of happiness or joy; and IF someone has a hard time maintaining eye contact - it makes me wonder if they aren't hiding something.

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I to think the eyes are the window to the "soul" :D Yes i think giving eye contact is a sign of your listening and paying attention! and is common courtesy! :D <br />
There, reading someone else's contribution, here, on "eye contact",. They had a comment, which said, "what if that person is shy"? I see what they mean and i believe you can tell the difference between "shy and shifty" :D <br />
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Thank you DorothyofOz for sharing your post my darling! :D :D

DaddyD - sorry I missed your comment at first, btw, LOVE your avatar!! I added the quote to my collection!<br />
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Thanks for the comment - yes, I think the eyes can be windows into our real selves!

D - I hear ya - I get eye contact hear, but it turns out it doesn't actually mean all the things I said above - guess there is an exception (or 2 or 3) to every rule!! <br />
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I guess I should say that if they are trying to give you REAL eye contact, at least you know they care or they are really good actors!!! (Academy award nomination in my house? Maybe!)<br />
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G - People have actually said it creeps them out?? Maybe they have something to hide - LOL - I don't know but it may sometimes make me feel a little "exposed" is someone's gaze is TOO intense or they are in my personal space, but otherwise, I stick with my assessment above - LOL!!<br />
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You keep on look girl!!

Why certainly ma'dame..............

So, would you look into mine too? I hope one day to exude happiness out of mine! (and other things too - oo la la - LOL!)

You may look into my eyes anytime !!