Fairytale Of Forest Hall..

once upon time there was a scruffy leprechaun called pawl and a demure sprite called yonny... they lived in a wood far far away from civilisation ,so far away from civilisation they became very uncivil themselves . they foraged for small animals called bizzles as this was the only type of food that agreed with them .. bizzles were an ancient breed of arachnid which when browned and rolled in dessicated coconut where simply delicious .. you would never know you were eating a spider! the theory also goes that if you eat something you fear you will become less afraid ... it was proven over time.......... it was unfortunate however that one day pawl happened across a fairly manky kind of bizzle .. the bizzle was quite off colour himself and looked up at pawl before he met his fate and begged him to grant clemency ...it was not to be pawl devoured the little arachnid with a salacious grin and extra dessicated coconut . but alas the poor little bizzle had alcohol poisoning after a night on the sauce with his mates .... what happened after is hard to tell but pawl was subsequently poisoned by the little bizzle as alcoholic bizzles and leprechauns called pawl do not mix ..... hes in eternal " madness" cannot escape his doom and the moral of the story well thats plain to see never trust a BIZZLE when hes looking like a broom!
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

morrisons lol x i know i do not know where that story came from !

Crazy Lass!...I do like you.

So, where exactly did you find those `mushrooms` that you have clearly eaten recently???!