I absolutely love fairytales. Fairytales give this alternate world where anything can happen, even the unthinkable. My favorite would be Alice in Wonderland. I've even written a fractured fairytale about it! I adore Fairytales, especially knowing that all fairytales are a bit dark and twisted at times..... "Off with her head!!"
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i remembered that i was very scared to watch alice in wonderland when i was about 10 Years old. i dont know why but the story and the creatures in it seemed creepy for me...

No prob! :)

Thanks PJ, I'll check it out :-~)

I've been wanting to see it, actually. Me and a friend were going to see it the other day, but we watched Enchanted instead (it was great, by the way!).

If you haven't seen the new movie out ..Sex and the city..see it because it's like a fairytale come true.I laughed and cried thru the whole thing.Just a thought!

No, it makes sense. And, I agree, happy endings are a mix of joy and hope, and its okay to cry during them. :)

naw.happy endings are a mix of joy and hope.I never feel jealous of the person having THAT happy ending.I do feel sad that I don't have a happy ending.Hope means looking foward to a possible good outcome..I admit I have given up. I always feel weepy when the underdog wins.none of that makes sense but I do like happy endings.

Yeah... I cry during Happy endings too... I cry when I read books, let alone watch movies! Am I pathetic or what? :)

I like the knights in shining armor..save me dear knight and get me otta here!Happy endings make me cry..still.

I think Alice in Wonderland is probably one of the strangest tales written.