~ Blissful Day ~

The ocean speaks to her
In a tongue known only 
To those who call it home.
She waits patiently,
Her eyes searching, probing
Until she hears the call.

Her mind begins to quiver...
Contact has been made.
She smiles and looks
Through her binoculars...
The ocean's turned to jade.

"I can feel you Aciana,"
She says only in her mind.
"The way it should be,"
Came the answer,
"You and I are a different kind."

Many miles away,
In a clearing full of life
He sits on a log writing,
And something makes him pause.

He looks around
Absorbing every sound.
Smiling from the tune,
His mind also quivers
Knowing he's been found.

"I'm writing it now, Mirinda,"
His mind voices thru the trees.
"We feel the words inside,"
Came their answer,
A crisp, gentle breeze.

"Let everyone feel the story,"
Aciana's voice gently awoke,
"And they'll believe it's true.
Mirinda is nearing her goal;
Then it will be up to you."

"We will find a way,"
He smiled with his answer,
"As gentle as dolphin's play,
To let them see the truth."

"I will visit when I can,"
Mirinda's thoughts chimed in,
"I'm close to breaking free. 
Aciana wants to walk among the trees
And I want to swim the sea."

"Anytime you want,"
Came his quiet reply.
"I could use a break."
Standing, he stretched to the sky.

"Until then, Michael,
Let your pen not rest,"
They said in unison,
"This is a noble quest."

"Thank you for caring,"
He said, walking toward the trail.
"It's still fresh in my memory,
And those thoughts prevail."
The voices then faded, 
As he turned and resumed.
The words flowed
And his consciousness glowed
From the wonder of it all.

She waited by the sea;
He pondered in the woods...
The project was on its way.
The trees smiled in agreement,
It was a most blissful day!

Connifer/@from "Mirinda's Melody" Copyright, 1997
[Characters from "Mirinda's Melody," also posted on EP]

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2 Responses Jun 3, 2012

Sometimes your true love is on the other side of the world.

I will have to read more about Michael and Miranda...

Feel free. They are in the posted story of "Mirinda's Melody."