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Well first off im bi but when it comes to chicks i like big girls. I used to be smaller but now im topping off grossly as a 14 and i cant lie im acctually into chicks bigger than me. I find something about them so beautiful and inviting. I do not in anyway find myself pretty but when its another girl im just a sucker lol its something i cant explain really its just the way i am(:
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I am a guy and I know what u r feeling I got you

You know Im just like you, well not bi, but I dont like my own weight --but I find heavy women so attractive<br />
I dont know what it is, but if I was a man, I know what it would be lol

you know that you are buitiful so dont say that you dont find yourself attracting

It's good to know that there are people out there who could think I'm pretty :D I'm glad you're accepting of your feelings. Maybe you should try to see a little of that beauty in yourself.

Cultural pressures have appeared to have infleunced your self-image, but your sexual attraction remains true. Your halfway there, which is more then I could say for most. High five.<br />
<br />
Also, being male and an avid fan of curvature, it is of my opinion that big bi girls are the best kind of girls. I wish you well.