More To Love

im not huge but i got some little extra more to love so why cant guys like that about me just because i dont fit into a tiny skiny jean doesnt mean im not pretty or have a careing heart
brokenandalone brokenandalone
18-21, F
7 Responses Jan 20, 2012

I think that's awesome! :)

I think girls like u r SEXY u r special

I like girls like you :) More to hold, more to love, more fun when push comes to shove xD

I love women with something extra! I always have, from high school on. I'm 27 years old and some things clearly never change. :-)

Natural girls are better than 90lbs twigs x3

I think chubby chicks are hot. But women always prefer tall guys over short guys.

I'm a big girl and I've dated short men! one of them was only 5ft 4'' so thats not totally true. there are some girls out there who date shorter men

Yeah! Men should love you >:O so punch them in the nuts! and then smack then with the extra you have on you and show them that they were dumb to be picky lol