Im A Fat Girl

im a really big girl but im one of the happiest fun and kindest girl you could meet! all i want is a relationship with someone who will love me for me now my looks:)
HannahBaabe HannahBaabe
18-21, F
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HannahBaabe - hold out for the right relationship. Don't settle. There are Chubby Chasers out there that are really decent guys. I know because I'm one. I didn't get married until I was in my mid 30's I'm now in my early 40's still married to the same wonderful chubby girl. She's so hot. I've had a lot of girlfriends and I have to say that after years of marriage, sex is still just as good - in some ways even better. It's actually just as hot. I love being all over a full figured woman like my wife. soooooo nice. I've always loved chubby, I've dated thin models, skinny cheerleaders, runway women, etc.... and here's why - As women are embarrassed about their weight when they are full figured, so too are men that like that, and are embarrassed about liking it. It takes courage to go against the conventional expectations of fellow guy friends.... finally I got really tired of being in relationships with women I wasn't physically attracted to, and emotionally attracted to. There's something far more special about women that are full figured. They've been spared the social damage that occurs to the popular girls that must develop an insensitivity to fit in. Full figured women are (the ones I know) soft inside. Gentle. A little fragile in an endearing way - and they MAKE THE BEST MOMMIES. Wow is my wife a good mom. The full figured woman is more sensitive to children I think. She get's pressured to loose weight after each baby and I encourage her to just keep it on. Keep the weight on....I like it. Her blood pressure is great, she's healthy, and I like it. I'm so proud to be seen with her and I'm super comfortable now with my preference. Oh, yeah, btw she was almost in mid thirties when we got married....both our first marriages. So hold out - wait for "the one". It will be a dark road at times and you will swear that he's never going to come, but I promise you he will. I did and my wife is now complete. She completes me, I complete her....and I know I will never cheat on her. Not possible. The sex is perfect and I love her deeply. I got what I wanted!
Oh, btw, anyone claiming I generalize and make broad assumptions - yep. I do. My opinion is big beautiful women are better than skinny women. I'm not overweight but I love women that are. So guys reading this that like what I do - just admit it, be who you are, and tell your friends to go ef themselves when they roll out the fat jokes. I've heard it all and I don't care because my wife is hot..... nice big round assets. mmmmmm. You guys just admit it! They're better! They are. Women like HannahBaabe are probably total sweethearts and will make a perfect wives for someone someday. Don't miss out guys! I mean men. Real men are true to themselves.

I pray to be loved like you love your wife. makes my heart ache.

i dont want to gaainw eight haha, anddd rocket! yeaaah anooo! me tooooo were amazing! haha

iknow thats because i have a slim face i only tent to take face pics

I do the same thing, only face pics, I hate how fat I look in full body shots. but I'm not comfortable with my weight. maybe I would be if I had known some men like you guys on here.

well as a child i wasnt big but when i moved to england i gained weight i am healty and fit but i am jsut big i dont want to gainw eight but nothing works for me to loose weight its jsut how im bildt i dont eat bad im awllays talkinge xcersizing just by body mainley my legs i hate.

I'm curious what you consider to be "really big"?Have you always been chubby and do you want to get fatter?<br />
Thanks<br />