Never Knew That

ha! I never knew men were interested in fat women. I am soo happy because I am very fat! I have been trying to lose weight but cant seem to, guess I cant really change who I am :( <3
AuroraDiamond AuroraDiamond
18-21, F
4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Sweety - please add me as a friend!

Lots of men like fat girls I love em can't stand skinny ones I want to hold and feel a real women's body not a skeleton love the feel of chubby skin to roll around in cuddle up to and have a real women's ***** sit on your face and *** all over me

No you can't....embrace you as yourself!

just have to find the right guy add me let talk you sound really nice

well hello:)

wat up your pretty cute

Awww thank you:)