Big Surprises.

I'm a fairly big girl and some days I'm comfortable in my skin and some days I'm not. More bad than good due to the men in my past. Every single guy I've ever dated has either left me for a skinny girl or cheated on me with one. It's weird cause they say they like big girls but act differently in the end. I would love a guy to love me for exactly the way I am. Every single inch of me!
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I want to be perfectly honest here. I don't know you, or really, anything about you. I don't know what kind of person you are, and aside from your profile pic, I know nothing about what you look like.
I have, in several instances, been in brief relationships with others, but it usually didn't take me long to realize we weren't a good match. I have never even needed to take a relationship as far as a kiss, in order to determine this.
For this reason, if we were ever in a relationship together, I certainly wouldn't be able to promise that I wouldn't break it off. I might, if I didn't feel the relationship had a future, or was right for both of us. However, this much I can assure you; I would not get into a relationship with a thin girl afterwards. That is one of the easiest incompatibilities to recognize.

It just clears the way for better people to make a better life with. I really love larger women, and I am very much attracted to you larger ladies, but it truly matters more who you are as a person, and not what you look like.

I love big girls! The bigger, the better!

Hey, it's their loss...besides, I'm sure you'll have the last laugh! :-)

I am a sweet kind faithful man who has dated fat girls exclusively except one.I've never cheated and hope you find a good guy who appreciates all of your beauty-inside and out!
There is no such thing as too many curves and rolls on a girl!Hope we talk soon.
Have a great weekend!

I love thick women. dam real women have curves not sticks

Exactly! And real men know how to handle the curves. :)

Hell yeah we do! ;)

Yes I do know how to handle big women. With love, respect, kindness, love, and food. You could never be too fat for me.

Me. I love fat girls. I worship them. They are so very sexy. Give me a fat girl anyway and I will be happy always. The skinny barbies make me sick.They just make me want to take them to the nearest fast food restaurant and buy them a meal. lol... I think that visible bones under the akin is so disgusting.

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