I Never Knew.

I have yet to find a guy that likes me with my size. I meet a lot of them that love my personality but once they realize my size they friend zone me. I'd love to meet a guy that wasn't judgemental.
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I am one of those guys who love big fat ladies. YOU can talk to me if you don't mind.

Wish you were older... ;)

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Everyone has different tastes but the are a lot of men who love large girls....some just don't readily admit it. Always remember too, sexiness is largely about attitude and confidence. If you act like you are sexy and try to be sexy, many more people will find you sexy.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to be honest your beautiful anyway Hun :)

Honeslty. Your extremley beautiful I would love to meet you. Probably won't though but I know any guy/girl that get lucky enough wont regret it

You look MAHVELOUS! ;) lol

There are a lot of guys out there who prefer bigger women. I have always, ever since I first got sexual feelings, big girls only. I always dated larger ladies, nothing else did it for me. I was never shy about it too, but until I was about 17 I never would've never blatantly turned round and told people, I would've cooled it down with a few crap 'more cushion for the pushin' style lines. Then when I turned 17/18 I thought **** it, I'll do whatever I want :) I am currently a fully sexual 26 year old and I have only ever been 2 skinny chicks (as more of an experiment than anything) and neither appealed to me...in fact I'm pretty sure for one I had to 'fake it' as I didn't want to continue :/

In school I was the only FA there so (not being big headed and sorry for sounding shallow) I almost had a choice of girls, I was the only one who would openly be their boyfriend so it was like wooohhooo but then I left school and all of a sudden everybody is a bloody FA in my social circle, I don't get a choice any more haha

Babes I adore and appreciate a big womens sexy.body

I love big women! I love hugging a fat partner and feeling her soft belly push into my chest!

No one likes Judges!

I don't...

... I like people, and take it from there!