My Beautiful Girlfriend

It all started last Christmas when I went to Boston for a week to visit my brother and his wife. I went with them to a family party that my sister-in-law’s family had. There I met Annette who is the daughter of my sister-in-law’s cousin. The first thing I thot when I saw her was that she was so hot with a beautiful face and body and chubby in all the right places. We got together three more times before I had to go home to NJ. We agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend because we liked the same things and she told me she loved me and I fell in live with her.
We kept in touch by texting and chat and then we saw each other again in Febuary when my brother and sister-in-law came down for my mom’s birthday and brought Annette with them. We didn’t have much time alone but when we did it was great. I became even more in love with her. She asked me what kind of girls I like and I told her girls with cushion. She said she didn’t know what that was so I told her I like watching girls on youtube, these vids of BBW ladies (they all are wearing bras and panties). Theyre just so beautiful and sexy. I asked her what she thot of me and she said she loved my personality and how I look (I’m 5’5” and back then I was like 195 with a combination of muscle and chub).
This summer I’m staying with my brother and sister-in-law in Boston for 2 months and it’s just great because Annette and I are with each other almost every day When I first saw her again on July 1 I was so surprised. See, I hadn’t seen her in person since Febuary so the first thing I thot was WOW cuz she had put on a lot of chub. She was wearing shorts and a bikini top which was small on her so her chub was just oozing around the straps and overflowing the cups. Plus she has side rolls and a muffin top now and her bellybutton is really deep in her chubby tummy and her bootie was huge and soft and jiggly and so are her thighs.
When we were alone she asked me what I thot of how she looked and I just started kissing her and finally told her she looked so hot and she told me she got fat to make me happy. She asked me if she should keep on getting fatter and I said yeah and she said just as long as I am bigger then her, she would feel funny if she was bigger then her boyfriend. I’m gonna be playing football in HS in September on the offensive line so I know I’m gonna keep lifting weights and gain bulk for the position so guarantee I’m always gonna be bigger than her (last time I weighed myself in June I was 216). She asked me how she looked compared to the ladies in the youtube vids I like and I told her 1,000,000% better
We both have summer jobs so some days we don’t see each other but when we do it’s the best times of my life. She likes the same things I do and she makes special treats for me (she’s a great cook) and treats me so special. When I was a kid I had girlfriends but now I realize those relationships were just kid stuff that 12 year olds do but this relationship is real true love. We even have plans to get married one day after we graduate from HS and college.
So for all you guys who are thinking about having a fat girl friend I say def to go for it. Girls with cushion are so sexy and soft and sweet nothing like those bony skinny girls you see. Skinny girls may have nice personalities too but fat girls are the best.
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Jul 23, 2013