I am one. I hate being in this body though. Being the fat girl you get so many messages about who you are now and who you should be. "Embarrassing". "Ugly". "A burden on the healthcare system."
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You forgot it says you're "cute" "huggable" and more fun to be around :)

Don't worry, you'll find that there are just as many people and groups sending you these sorts of messages:

"You're beautiful"
"You're doing great resisting the hate of society, keep it up"
"Don't worry, we're here for you"

I hope you got my message, though: Stay strong, because there's always as many cheering you on as there are beating you down; it's up to you with who you listen to :)

dont listen to others but to ur self... if u want to change do it.. if u dont just stay as u r

What do you mean a burden on society? Just being fat does not mean there is no heart in your chest!! You care about people just more!!!

Thanks for heart response can we be friends? Friend me?